A Comprehensive Review of JBL's New Audio Products in 2023

September 7, 2023
A Comprehensive Review of JBL's New Audio Products in 2023

As part of the Harman International family, JBL Australia is a leading audio technology company that has established itself as a trusted brand in the country's audio market. With a rich history dating back to the mid-20th century, JBL has consistently delivered high-quality audio solutions to consumers worldwide.

Catering to music enthusiasts, audiophiles, and professionals alike, JBL Australia offers a diverse range of audio products tailored to meet various needs and preferences. Their dedication to research and development ensures that customers are always treated to the latest advancements in audio technology.

This year, JBL continues to push boundaries and raise the bar with their cutting-edge innovations inbuilt in their latest audio products. In this blog, let’s take an in-depth look at the most recent additions to their impressive lineup, exploring their advanced features, top-notch sound quality, and sleek designs.


1. JBL Tune Flex Ghost Edition


⭐Rating: 4.0/5 (47 Reviews)

Customer review: It's a great choice for those seeking affordable options with excellent audio quality and no external noise interference. There is not a distinct difference between the ambient sound and noise-cancelling feature. Overall, they sound great and work really well for hands-free conversations with sharp clarity on both ends, even on the train! The colour is unique, suitable for someone looking for a stylish appearance for their earbuds.

💡Product Overview: The Tune Flex offers versatile features like Active Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient technology, allowing you to choose whether to immerse yourself in your music or stay aware of your surroundings. Its light stick open design guarantees comfort and natural sound awareness throughout the day. To top it off, the JBL Headphones App allows you to personalise your entire listening experience, making it tailored to your preferences.


2. JBL Tune Beam


⭐Rating: 4.5/5 (40 Reviews)

Customer Review: Providing the utmost comfort for the ears, even during long hours of wear. The earbuds have a simple yet modern design with great looks. The fast-charging feature is the selling point.

💡Product Overview: Take on your day with the JBL Tune Beam, tackling it one song at a time. These wireless earbuds offer an impressive 48 hours of exceptional JBL Pure Bass Sound, ensuring a high-quality audio experience throughout. The design is both ergonomic and resistant to water and dust, providing all-day comfort in any weather conditions. Effortlessly manage calls with a simple touch, enjoying crystal-clear conversations without interference from ambient noises.

3. JBL Quantum 100X Console


⭐Rating: 4.5/5 (27 Reviews)

Customer Review: Amazing sound quality while playing games online, easy volume and microphone control, very comfortable, and easy to adjust sizing make it perfect as a gift for kids or gamers on a tight budget.

💡Product Overview: JBL QuantumSOUND Signature enhances every gaming moment, whether it's the faintest footstep or the most thunderous explosion, creating an epic experience and elevating every gamer's competitiveness. Designed for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch, our signature audio ensures the most lifelike soundscape, providing a competitive edge in any gaming battle. Stay connected with the detachable boom mic designed for clear communication during multiplayer sessions. Enjoy lightweight comfort with memory foam cushions that enable extended gaming sessions without discomfort.

4. JBL Tour Pro 2


⭐Rating: 4.8/5 (28 Reviews)

⭐Customer Review: One of the smartest products from JBL, they have touch screen features that allow you to change songs and adjust the volume from the case instead of your phone. I enjoy this feature as I ride the train and love how user-friendly they are to use. The noise-cancelling is very good, and the ambience and talk-through function work well to balance surrounding noise and headphone sound.

💡Product Overview: Designed to eliminate distractions, this earbuds allowing you to indulge in your favourite audio or embrace tranquil silence—all while benefiting from the renowned JBL Pro Sound quality, immersing yourself in exceptional spatial audio on the move. The smart charging case adds a unique touch, granting you easy access to all key earbuds features without relying on the smartphone App. Even non-smartphone devices like laptops, PCs, and TVs can access App features via the smart case. With a mere touch on the 1.45-inch display screen of the charging case, control essential JBL Headphones App features without needing your phone, creating a seamlessly integrated experience.


5. JBL Tour One M2


⭐Rating: 4.9/5 (23 Reviews)

Customer Review: Crisp and comfortable, they also look as sharp as they sound. I love that it comes with accessories to connect via an audio cable, including a double 3.5mm adapter. Sleek design, mind-blowing sound quality, and top-notch noise cancellation make these earbuds stand out. They are comfy to wear and have a long-lasting battery.

💡Product Overview: Experience the revolutionary True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology of the JBL Tour One M2, expertly designed to eliminate distractions, allowing you to indulge in your favourite playlists or embrace serene silence, all powered by the legendary Hi-Res certified JBL Pro Sound. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary spatial audio experience while on the move, enjoying up to an impressive 50 hours of continuous usage. For crystal-clear phone conversations, rely on the exceptional 4-mic technology, providing unmatched clarity during calls.


6. JBL Endurance Peak 3


⭐Rating: 4.0/5 (47 Reviews)

Customer Review: These are decent-sounding earbuds. I had to go into the app to get them to sound the way I wanted them to sound. I like that you can use each earbud by itself without one being the slave earbud. For me, I will only use these for gym workouts or basketball as they are great for that because they do not fall out when you lock them into your ear.

💡Product Overview: For your active lifestyle, you need wireless earbuds that can match your pace. The Endurance Peak 3 is the ideal workout companion, delivering your motivational playlists with an impressive 50 hours of playback and the immersive JBL Pure Bass Sound that resonates through your muscles. Designed to withstand the toughest challenges, its durable IP68 dust and water-proof build can handle dusty mountain trails and intense gym sessions. The flexible ear hook enhancer ensures a secure and comfortable fit that stays in place no matter how you move. Stay connected to the world with crystal-clear call capabilities and an awareness of your surroundings, making it the perfect partner for any workout location.


7. JBL Pulse 5


⭐Rating: 4.6/5 (39 Reviews)

Customer Review: This speaker has a mesmerising light show, making it a versatile party speaker that doubles as a boom box with built-in disco lights. If you're looking to chill and enjoy a show with great visuals and lighting, this is the one! However, if you want a real party speaker, I think you should get one of JBL's larger speakers.

💡Product Overview: Enhance any moment with the mesmerising, customisable 360-degree light display of the JBL Pulse 5, synchronized to the rhythm of your music, while its driver delivers powerful bass and immersive JBL Original Pro Sound in every direction. With a robust strap, this portable Bluetooth speaker is dustproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor adventures, from your backyard to the beach and beyond. Keep the party going until sunrise with an impressive 12 hours of playtime, or use PartyBoost to connect multiple compatible speakers and amplify the sound, elevating the overall experience.


8. JBL PartyBox Encore


⭐Rating: 4.7/5 (36 Reviews)

Customer Review: The JBL PartyBox Encore is one of the best speakers that JBL has built. The Encore is a great and portable speaker; it's unbelievable how much sound you get from a speaker of this size.

💡Product Overview: Experience non-stop fun with the portable JBL PartyBox Encore speaker, providing an impressive 10 hours of entertainment. Its convenient grab-and-go handle and splash-proof design ensure you can take the party wherever you go. Enjoy incredible JBL Original Pro Sound and deep bass that will get everyone moving to the beat. Immerse yourself in the captivating lightshow, featuring dynamic strobes, rings, and club lights for an unforgettable experience. Take center stage with the JBL premium digital wireless mics, specially optimized for karaoke with adjustable echo, bass, and treble settings. With True Wireless Stereo, you can even pair multiple speakers for a truly massive sound. Plus, the PartyBox app gives you complete control over your music and lightshow colours, allowing you to create the perfect vibe for any occasion


9. JBL BoomBox 3


⭐Rating: 4.6/5 (70 Reviews)

Customer Review: Unique sound with sophisticated subwoofer bass. The sound quality is great! The ability to customise the sound with the JBL app is fantastic! Easy to connect and play. The battery runtime is awesome; I played it for 8 hours straight and it still shows over half battery left.

💡Product Overview: Introducing the enhanced version of our most potent portable Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Boombox 3. With its iconic silhouette, we've given it a bold update, featuring a sturdy metal handle with silicone grips, and the renowned waterproof and dustproof signature fabric. Not only does it look better, but it also sounds better. The interior has been redesigned to include a new subwoofer, delivering even deeper bass and massive JBL Original Pro Sound with significantly lower distortion. With an impressive playtime of 24 hours, this speaker will accompany you from your morning workout to late-night gatherings with friends. For a limitless sound experience, seamlessly connect multiple speakers using the JBL Portable app.


With innovative technologies, stylish designs, and uncompromising sound performance, JBL's 2023 collection showcases the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence.

As you explore our comprehensive review, we hope you've found valuable insights to aid your decision-making process when choosing your next audio companion. Embrace the future of sound with JBL, and elevate your audio journey to new heights!

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