Bonds' iconic products that reshaped the fashion landscape

August 30, 2023
Bonds' iconic products that reshaped the fashion landscape

Starting in 1915 as a modest producer of women's hosiery, Bonds has transformed itself into one of Australia's most renowned brands, adapting to cater to the requirements and bodies of Australian families. The brand has been a trailblazer in the fashion industry, continuously pushing boundaries and revolutionising the way we dress.

Over the years, this iconic Australian brand has introduced numerous products that have become timeless classics, redefining comfort and style. Let's take a journey through Bonds' history and explore some of their most iconic products that have left a significant mark on the world of fashion.

1. The Chesty.

In 1920, Bonds introduced the Men's Athletic Singlet, known as the Chesty. This sleeveless, ribbed undershirt quickly gained popularity for its comfort and durability. Its popularity soared to new heights, and in 1938, the Chesty became an official term used to describe this iconic Bonds creation. Fast forward to 1972, Bonds celebrated a remarkable milestone - the sale of the 100 millionth Chesty, solidifying its position as an enduring classic.

2. Bonds Baby Vest

In 1932, Bonds expanded its product range to accommodate not only the grown-ups but also the little ones, with the introduction of the Bonds Baby Vest. This soft and snug garment provided much-needed comfort to babies and became a staple in every child's wardrobe, loved by parents and babies alike for generations.

3. The Cottontails Full Brief

Bringing to the market a design where comfort meets style in 1955, Bonds made another significant mark in the industry with the launch of the Bonds Cottontails Full Brief. Combining comfort and style, this classic underwear piece quickly became a favourite among women for its perfect fit and timeless design.

4. Baby Wondersuit

As the '60s rolled in, Bonds proved their commitment to innovative babywear with the introduction of the Baby Wondersuit in 1962. This all-in-one zip-up suit revolutionised the way parents dressed their infants, offering convenience and utmost comfort in a single garment.

5. The 'Keenies'

1966 saw the production of the 'Keenies,' Bonds' first-ever Hipster brief. This item range is then launched in 1999. With its low-rise waistband and comfortable fit, the 'Keenies' quickly became a popular choice among both men and women, marking a significant shift in underwear fashion. Combining playfulness and enjoyment, these undergarments will ensure you feel self-assured and alluring throughout the day.

6. Bonds Hoodie

Bonds’ Hoodie prioritises comfort by incorporating advanced technology with its two-layer construction, ensuring the coziest experience. This hoodie is perfect for everyday wear during the transitional months when warmth is desired without feeling weighed down. The Tech Sweats hoodie showcases high-tech 2D knitted fabric with a smooth, sleek finish, providing optimal comfort and style. It offers a perfect fit, neither too tight nor too loose, allowing easy movement.

7. X-Temp Undie

Bonds once again proved their dedication to innovation with the launch of the X-Temp undie range for men in 2019. Crafted using heat-responsive technology, the Bonds X-Temp Briefs are manufactured to adjust according to your body's temperature, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable experience. By incorporating game-changing technology, this collection ensured that men stay comfortable, cool, and confident throughout the day.

8. Wondercool

Partnering with Red Nose in 2020, Bonds took a significant step in promoting safer sleep for babies. They launched Wondercool, a collection specially crafted with innovative cooling fabric, providing babies with the most comfortable slumber and offering parents peace of mind. This is the only baby clothing approved by Red Nose, ensuring the ultimate comfort for babies in their sleeps.

9. The Bloody Comfy Period Undies

In 2020, Bonds brought a revolutionary change to the world with the launch of their leak-proof Bloody Comfy Period Undie range. Crafted to instil comfort and confidence around the clock for women, this undie range feature multiple layers of leak-proof protection. With a diverse selection of cozy undie styles and varying levels of absorbency, ladies can wear them throughout your entire menstrual cycle. What's more, these undies contribute to a more sustainable environment, and offer a comfortable alternative to traditional period products.

From a wide range of innovative apparel and clothing, Bonds has consistently evolved with the times, pushing the boundaries of fashion while never compromising on comfort. These iconic products are a testament to the brand's commitment to revolutionising the way we dress, and they continue to inspire generations of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As we eagerly anticipate Bonds' next creations, let's enjoy shopping for the enduring impact of these iconic products on the fashion industry and beyond.

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