The Must-Know Cashback Shopping Apps in the US

September 4, 2023
The Must-Know Cashback Shopping Apps in the US

In the world of modern shopping, why not make your purchases work for you? Cashback shopping apps have revolutionised the way we save money while indulging in retail therapy. Whether you're shopping for everyday essentials or treating yourself to something special, these apps offer a unique opportunity to put some cash back in your wallet.

Let's dive into the top cashback shopping apps in the US that are changing the way we shop and save.

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Rakuten offers a convenient method to obtain cash back for both online and in-store transactions. The earned cash back can be used for various purposes. It can serve as supplementary spending funds, contribute to bolstering savings and investments, or even aid in reducing high-interest debt. While the accrued cash back might not appear substantial initially, its accumulation can gradually yield meaningful benefits.

On the Rakuten homepage, you have the opportunity to explore diverse cash back opportunities. Generally, the extent of cash back you can earn depends on the specific brand you're making a purchase from. Cash back rates can range from as little as 1% to approximately 20%, and there are no restrictions on the amount you can withdraw as cash.

Your total cash back earnings will be paid to you every quarter, either via PayPal or through a physical check sent to your designated address, depending on your chosen preference. You have the flexibility to access your account and review your history of cash back earnings whenever you desire. Additionally, the platform will provide you with the anticipated payment date for your next payment.


RetailMeNot functions as a shopping rewards platform, using inventive marketing solutions to influence users' purchasing choices. These encompass cashback offers, coupons, and promotional codes, all accessible through their website, browser extension, and mobile app.

RetailMeNot presents a variety of methods to help you save money on your purchases. To engage with its cashback feature, you'll need to create an account on RetailMeNot. After logging into the site, you can access the cashback offers by selecting the Categories button on the dashboard and choosing Cash Back. This will display a plethora of available cashback offers.

To use a cashback offer

  • Decide the store you wish to make a purchase from and select it. Subsequently, the requirements for availing the cashback will be outlined, along with the "Shop Now" button. It's crucial to fully understand these requirements and ensure their fulfilment.
  • Once you've taken note of what is required, click the "Shop Now" button, which will redirect you to the retailer's website. Complete your purchase as you normally would. As long as you access the retailer's site via the "Shop Now" button on RetailMeNot, the platform will be able to monitor your transaction and grant you the cashback reward.
  • An additional method to access their cashback offers is through their Google Chrome extension called Deal Finder. This extension streamlines the process, enabling you to use cashback offers without logging in to the website. Upon installing the extension and providing some required details (like your RetailMeNot login credentials), you can seamlessly proceed to online stores and conduct your shopping as usual.


Ibotta is a cash back shopping application, it is also a browser extension designed to help you earn cash back on your regular purchases. While Ibotta is widely recognized for offering cash back on grocery store purchases, it extends its benefits to non-grocery transactions as well, including those made at pharmacies, restaurants, and gas stations, among others.

Ibotta's scope encompasses over 300 in-store retailers, including prominent names like Target, Walmart, and many more. However, its reach doesn't stop at 300 in-store retailers; the mobile app enables cash back for both in-store and online shopping at a staggering 500,000 locations. With a user base surpassing 40 million, the app has successfully paid over $1.2 billion in cash to its members.

Start your online shopping trip from the Ibotta app or web browser to activate cash back offers. Today, Ibotta have partnered with more than 2,000 online retailers (including Amazon), expanding the avenues for earning online cash back through Ibotta. Ibotta simplifies the cash back process for you. Just access Ibotta on your computer and employ the search bar to locate the online store you're planning to shop from. Alternatively, you can browse the list of available online stores and select "Shop" for your preferred retailer.

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TopCashback functions as a cash back application and browser extension that provides incentives for online shopping. Engaging with participating retailers enables you to accumulate cash back rewards. With a vast selection of over 7,000 participating retailers, there are numerous avenues for reaping rewards.

To earn cash back on your purchases, you must either shop through the mobile app or use the TopCashback browser extension. Upon selecting an available cash back offer, the app will redirect you to the retailer's website to complete the purchase.

The amount of cash back you earn depends on the retailer's cash back rate and your spending volume. Once you've had a cash back balance, you have the option to redeem your earnings. TopCashback offers various alternatives to cater to your preferences.

Platforms like TopCashback offer supplementary means to garner rewards beyond the scope of cash back credit cards. By utilising cash back rewards, you can potentially enhance savings or expedite debt repayment.



Established in 2009 as a coupon platform, BeFrugal extended its offerings to include cash back on purchases in 2011. Currently, you can access cash back offers and coupons at a vast array of more than 5,000 online stores. The multitude of cash back opportunities are great opportunities for consistent savings whenever you make purchases.

BeFrugal presents a diverse range of choices for redeeming your cash back. Unlike many cash back platforms that limit options to gift cards and PayPal, BeFrugal goes the extra mile, allowing you to redeem your cash back through direct deposit to your bank account, PayPal, Venmo, mailed checks, or gift cards.

All in all, BeFrugal stands out as an excellent cash back service, and notably, it's entirely free to use. Starting your journey with BeFrugal is easy and simple, requiring less than half a minute to register for a new account. This platform proves particularly advantageous if you do a lot of online shopping, love coupon websites, and seek to avoid the hassle of manually searching for the best deals.



Dosh, a cash back application, grants you rewards for shopping, dining out, and hotel bookings. A distinctive aspect of this cash back app is that the majority of rewards are effortlessly earned when you shop in-person using linked cards. Unlike other apps, there's no need to submit a receipt post-shopping. Incorporating this app into your personal finance routine presents a simple avenue to earn extra cash without any cost.

Reward offerings varry based on the retailer, with many stores providing a cash back rate around 5%. Certain retailers extend offers upwards of 10% or even more, while others offer as little as 2% cash back.

To automatically earn rewards, you must link your credit or debit card. This can be done by submitting your card information into your Dosh account. For online shopping rewards, you'll need to navigate through offers within the app. Any restrictions or requirements pertaining to the offer will be clearly outlined.

Accumulated rewards are directed to your Dosh wallet. Once your balance hits $15 (with no accompanying fees for cashing out), you can elect to transfer your funds to your PayPal or Venmo. 

Dosh incentivizes referrals by paying you when new users, upon linking their cards, are referred to the app. A sum of $10 is credited to your account upon successful referral. Likewise, new users using the referral link can earn a $1 reward after linking their initial card. The user-friendly Dosh app streamlines usage, making most of your shopping journey automatically rewarding.

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Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that offers cash back and gift cards as rewards for past purchases. Using this application, you can scan your grocery receipts—no matter the store or wholesale club—and receive complimentary gift cards. Furthermore, Fetch Rewards app is entirely free. There's no need to spend money to register or use the app.

Fetch Rewards has helped millions of users in saving by scanning physical and digital receipts. With a user count surpassing 11,000,000 each month, Fetch Rewards is widely used. The app offers utmost simplicity for you to claim your cash. After every shopping spree or dining experience, your receipt can be effortlessly scanned into the Fetch Rewards app.

This functionality isn't limited to specific stores; you can scan receipts from a diverse array of retailers including grocery stores, clothing outlets, pet shops, home improvement centers, club stores, eateries, fuel stations, and more. Essentially, any place of purchase can have its receipt captured and processed via Fetch.

Moreover, digital receipts from online transactions, whether on platforms like Amazon, Target, or Instacart, can also be incorporated by connecting your online accounts. The rule is simple: If you possess a receipt, it's scan-worthy! After submitting receipts, you will earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.


Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a user-friendly cash back application that compensates individuals for their expenses on groceries, gas, and online shopping. This app is simple, convenient, and available for free. Within the application, you can explore and select offers, subsequently submitting a photo of your receipt as proof of your purchase. This action results in you receiving cash back rebates.

The operational model of Checkout 51 revolves around collaborating with brands, which compensates the platform for encouraging customers to purchase their products. Once you've successfully registered for a free account, you can conveniently shop directly through Checkout 51's website or app, all while earning cash back. This applies to online shopping as well as in-person purchases or fuelling up; you can activate cash back offers before shopping and then upload your receipt to secure cash back.

You have the flexibility to select offers from both the online interface and the app, choosing the ones you wish to redeem. After activating an offer and making a qualifying purchase (accompanied by a receipt, if it's an in-person transaction), the cash back accumulates within your Checkout 51 account. Upon reaching a balance of $20, you'll be able to request a check.



Upside is a platform for earning cashback rewards that enables you to access offers and get paid real cash through your everyday expenditures all over the United States. By installing the Upside app on your iPhone or Android device, you can start saving money while shopping at physical stores.

The app features a wide range of offers, spanning more than 17,000 participating retailers and businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores including fast food chains, supermarkets in certain cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, and gas station chains such as Shell, Valero, Exxon, Conoco, and others. Once you claim an offer, make the purchase, verify it, and you'll receive your cashback rewards within a span of 10 days or less—making the process quite simple!

Though the app covers diverse spending categories, its primary emphasis is on savings related to fuel. Prominent gas discounts in your vicinity will be prominently displayed at the top of your screen. Many users consistently encountered fresh offers when opening the app, regardless of whether they were situated in a rural or urban area. While your outcomes may differ, the Upside app appears to provide attractive gas deals across most regions throughout the United States.

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With these top cashback shopping apps at your fingertips, you can elevate your shopping experience while enjoying the benefits of earning money back on your purchases. From groceries to gadgets, the world of cashback apps has something for everyone.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of these innovative tools and start saving smartly today? Embrace the future of shopping and make every purchase a rewarding experience.

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