Top Brands that are Driving Change through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

July 31, 2023
Top Brands that are Driving Change through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

In today's world, consumers are increasingly conscious about the impact of their purchasing decisions on society and the environment. They seek out brands that not only deliver high-quality products or services but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In this blog post, let’s explore some of the leading brands that have established themselves as the leading companies with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility game, going above and beyond to change for the better and make a positive difference in the world.

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Coca-Cola is not only an iconic beverage brand but also a pioneer in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The company focuses on three key areas: water stewardship, packaging and recycling, and empowering women.

They have set ambitious goals to reduce their carbon footprint by 25% by 2023. The company has already been on the journey to make their packaging 100% recyclable with a strong message: “a world without waste”. In 2021, Coca-Cola successfully introduced its first ever bottle made from 100% plan-based plastic, pursuing its dedication to create a positive environmental impact.

Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson is renowned for its commitment to healthcare innovation and community impact, reducing their impact on the environment for more than 30 years. Their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts revolve around ensuring access to essential healthcare, empowering women and girls, and environmental sustainability.

Through initiatives like the "5-minute Mom" program and partnerships with organizations, they work to improve healthcare access, support women's health, and reduce their environmental footprint. With the goal of having 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, the company continues to seek out and use renewable energy options, further reducing their environmental impact.


Starbucks has become synonymous with responsible sourcing and sustainability. The company focuses on ethically sourcing coffee beans, minimising their environmental impact, and supporting communities.

One of its most impactful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives is workplace diversity and inclusion. To tackle racial and social equity, Starbucks launched a mentorship program to connect indigenous and people of colour to senior leaders and invest in partnerships. The brand also aims to have people of colour represented at 30% in corporate roles and 40% in retail and manufacturing by 2025. This initiative significantly promotes social and workplace equality, leaving a positive impact on lives of so many potential individuals.


Bosch, a global technology and engineering company, takes their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. They prioritise sustainable development, social engagement, and ethical business practices. Bosch's initiatives range from eco-friendly manufacturing processes and reducing carbon emissions to supporting education and promoting diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

Bosch partners with various organisations, including the New Sunshine Charity Foundation. Their “Yallah!” initiative supports young Muslims who are trying to drive change and positive impact in their communities.

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Apple is known for its cutting-edge technology, but the company is equally dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, conserving resources, and ensuring responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain. Apple also focuses on supporting education, and promoting accessibility and inclusion.

This company has been involved in the Malala fund since 2018 to help educate and empower girls. They’ve also been part of the ConnectED initiative since 2014, which supports teaching and learning solutions in schools throughout the US, promoting a positive impacts in education and equal opportunities for all.


Microsoft's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts revolve around empowering people, driving digital transformation, and protecting the environment. They work towards providing access to technology and digital skills, addressing global challenges through innovation, and leading sustainability initiatives and creating meaningful impact on the community,

Microsoft has set ambitious goals to become carbon negative by 2030 and to remove their historical carbon emissions by 2050.


LEGO has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They aim to use sustainable materials in their products, minimise waste in their operations, and empower children through play.

By 2025, their main objective as a contemporary superbrand is to eliminate the use of single-use plastic packaging for their bricks and transition to entirely sustainable packaging. The LEGO Foundation also supports initiatives that promote learning, creativity, and the well-being of children worldwide.

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Adidas is a leading sports apparel brand that actively embraces sustainability and social responsibility. They have committed to using only recycled plastic in their products by 2024 and aim to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Adidas also focuses on empowering communities through sports and promoting fair labour practices across their supply chain, being a renowned brands in pushing boundaries to make positive social impact.

Ben & Jerry's:

Ben & Jerry's, known for its delicious ice cream flavours, is equally renowned for its corporate social responsibility activities and commitment to sustainability.

They prioritise sourcing fair trade ingredients, reducing their environmental impact, and advocating for social justice causes. Ben & Jerry's takes a stand on issues like climate change, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights through their campaigns and partnerships.


IKEA's commitment to social responsibility begins with the materials employed in their products, such as sustainable cotton, wool, and wood.

Additionally, they have set a goal to exclusively use recycled or renewable plastic by 2030. Through the IKEA Foundation, the brand actively contributes to helping families break free from poverty by establishing sustainable sources of income. By collaborating with NGOs and other partners, IKEA ensures the effective implementation of their CSR initiatives.


Netflix not only entertains millions but also takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. They actively promote diversity and inclusion in their content and workforce and work towards reducing their environmental footprint.

The company provides 52 weeks of fully paid parental leave to both the birth parent and the non-birth parent, encompassing those who have adopted children as well, creating a positive impact on the workplace and employees' well-being.

These brands represent the power of corporate social responsibility and showcase how businesses can contribute positively to society and the planet. By prioritising sustainability, social impact, and ethical practices, more and more companies are going beyond profit-making and become forces for good.

Now you have the list in your hands, as consumers, we all have the opportunity to support these brands, encouraging others to follow suit and create a better, more sustainable future.

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