Top Podcasts to Improve your Personal Finance

July 17, 2023
Top Podcasts to Improve your Personal Finance

Are you a fan of the "The Dave Ramsey Show" podcast? Do you find the podcast content invaluable for your personal finance? If so, don’t miss out on these shows in case you want to know more.

We’ve curated a list of other fantastic podcasts that offer useful information, top tips, and engaging conversations to help you improve your personal finance and budgeting plan.

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Whether you're looking for budgeting advice, investment strategies, or money management tips, these personal finance podcasts will provide you with important insights and a dash of humour along the way. So, grab your headphones and get ready to take your budgeting plan to the next level!

You Need a Budget:

If you're searching for a podcast that focuses specifically on budgeting, listen to "You Need a Budget." Hosted by Jesse Mecham, this podcast offers practical advice, success stories, and interviews with experts to help you understand all things related to budgeting and managaing personal finance.  

Afford Anything:

Hosted by Paula Pant, "Afford Anything" explores the concept of financial independence and creating a life you love. Paula shares insights on real investing and saving strategies, and making intentional choices with your money to afford the things that truly matter to you, thus creating a better budget and personal financial plan.

How to Money:

Joel and Matt, the hosts of "How to Money," bring a fun and approachable perspective to personal finance. Covering topics such as debt, saving, budgeting, and investing, this podcast will give you practical advice to make smarter money decisions.

Motley Fool Money:

"Motley Fool Money" involves informative discussion on various financial topics, including stocks, investing, budgeting and personal finance. With a blend of expert opinions and humour, this podcast aims to help listeners make better financial choices and build wealth over time.

Listen Money Matters:

"Listen Money Matters" offers actionable advice and strategies to help you achieve financial independence and make a step closer to financial freedom. So, give it a try if you are committed to chasing the a stable personal finance, whether in budgeting, investing, entrepreneurship, or real estate.  


Hosted by Jean Chatzky, "HerMoney" is a podcast designed specifically for women seeking financial freedom. Chatzky covers a wide range of financial topics, from budgeting, saving and investing to overcoming money challenges, empowering women to become the master of their money, filled with motivation and inspiration.

Frugal Friends Podcast:

If you're looking for creative ways to save money and live frugally, the "Frugal Friends Podcast" is for you. This podcast explores budgeting, minimalism, sharing practical tips and strategies for achieving a more financially conscious lifestyle, with better personal finance management.

The Financial Confessions:

As the name suggested, you will get to hear all the personal stories of the host, Chelsea Fagan and enriching interviews with guests who are willing to share their financial journey. “The Financial Confessions” will touch on the often-taboo topic of money, thus, providing relatable and educational perspective on different money-related matters.

Moolala: Money Made Simple:

Hosted by Bruce Sellery, "Moolala: Money Made Simple" is a must-listen for those who want to simplify their financial life.  From budgeting and saving to investing and retirement planning, this personal finance podcast provides actionable guidance for you to start achieving your financial success.

Whether you’re interested in budgeting, money management, or simply improving your personal finance, this list of top podcasts will provide you with a plethora of resources to build on your understanding and knowledge base of personal finance.

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As the path to success often begins with taking the first step and taking in all the knowledge available, we hope you will find valuable insights along with a bit of entertainment to support your journey towards your budgeting and saving goals, and work towards a better financial future.

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