Find Low Prices And Discount Codes In Australia

January 30, 2023
Find Low Prices And Discount Codes In Australia

"If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%."Say no more. You already know who I'm quoting right now. It's etched permanently in our brains from the constant advertisements of this marketing message over the years. From department stores such as Myer and David Jones to electrical retailers like Bing Lee and Harvey Norman, and countless others including Dan Murphy's, Officeworks and Bunnings, businesses are slapping "lowest price", "best price", or "price match" signs on their goods for the best discount codes in Australia.

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Have you ever in your life bothered to try and take up the offer? You may have heard from people who have tried that it's near impossible to claim the offer. Is there an App for that yet? So why do companies stick with this consistent marketing message? Essentially the message tricks our brains into thinking that the lowest prices are always on offer, so we don't even bother to try and check. You see, we humans have Cognitive basis.

Here is our list of the top 12 Australian retail stores with details on what their price guarantees involve and our tips on how to claim them.

Major Retail Companies in Australia offering price matches include:

1. Chemist Warehouse

We Beat Any Prices. Compare them against Priceline, Amcal and Pharmasave.; if a competitor is lower, they'll beat the price by 10%.

Chemist Warehouse continues to be at the forefront of online pharmacy, especially for discount codes in Australia. Their great savings are due to aggressive pricing and large volumes of trade. They offer click & collect, and free shipping over $50.

The Catch: Excludes ‘online only’ prices.

Chemist Warehouse

2. Harvey Norman

Best Price Guarantee. Harvey Norman will price match any genuine competitor's advertised price.  

The Catch: This guarantee is valid for identical items advertised seven days prior and seven days after your purchase with them. It must include all delivery and installation costs to qualify for the price match. The item must also be in stock with the competitor and ready for immediate delivery. Other exclusions include competitors that don't operate multi-store omnichannel retail operations (i.e. valid competitors must operate more than one physical retail store), conditional offers, offers by resellers, clearance seconds or refurbished lines and offers that require delivery from overseas.

Harvey Norman

3. Officeworks

Lowest Price Guarantee. Or they'll beat any competitor's price by 5%. One of the best ways for price matching and discount codes in Australia.

The Catch: Prices online can only be matched by other online prices. The compared price must include all delivery charges. Our Price Beat Guarantee (PBG) means that if you find a lower-priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, but we'll also beat it by 5%.

Office Works

4. 1st Choice Liquor

Lowest Price Promise for discount codes in Australia. Show us a lower price on an identical stocked liquor item at a competitor premises within 10km and in the same state, and First Choice Liquor Market will match the price.

The Catch:

  • The items in question must be identical.
  • Competitor's price must be available on the day, in the state of purchase and on items purchased in the same quantities.
  • The competitor must have the item in stock.
  • Excludes online offers, trade quotations, liquidations and clearance sales.
  • We reserve the right to limit sales to reasonable retail quantities.
  • The competitor's current price must be verified.
  • Competitor's conditions may apply. E.g. Delivery fees, methods of payment, etc.
  • It does not apply where the price is dependent on a paid membership
  • Competitor's premises must be within 10km of the First Choice Liquor Market store in which you are purchasing

First Choice Liquor

5. The Good Guys

If you find a lower price online or advertised within 30 days of your purchase, The Good Guys will refund 120% of the difference.

What we love: This deal is pretty sweet because it involves getting all the difference back. And then some. Even more than just discount codes in Australia!

The Catch: You must buy the item from The Good Guys first. Then spend up to 30 days checking catalogues for the same item to make your claim. The Good Guys will only accept a competitor's price if they are an authorised dealer in Australia for the relevant manufacturer and the item is available for immediate shipment. Price match excludes online marketplaces like eBay.

The Good Guys

How to Claim: You must buy the item from The Good Guys first. Then spend up to 30 days checking catalogues for the same item to make your claim. The Good Guys will only accept a competitor's price if they are an authorised dealer in Australia for the relevant manufacturer and the item is available for immediate shipment. Price match excludes online marketplaces like eBay.

Tip: Try using Fetchie to monitor prices and get a price drop alert if there is a change.

6. Masters vs Bunnings

Both Masters and Bunnings promise to beat any price by 10%. You've got two of the biggest names in home improvement offering to beat their competitor's price by 10%?

The Catch: How far do you go for discount codes in Australia? If you're insistent, you can try to play them against one another (no guarantees that will work), but the most logical answer is: get the discount from the most expensive store. Each has its own set of T&Cs, so look out for them. They can include exclusions for trade quotes and stock liquidations. What we like about Masters is that they give you a 30-day grace period, so if you find something cheaper 30 days after your purchase, you can still receive the discount.

How to Claim: Shop online, shop the catalogues, and query as soon as you see the identical item for less. Both retailers will beat any Australian retailer in-store or online, so don't feel limited to these bigwigs.

7. David Jones

Should you find a lower price for the same product elsewhere, David Jones will happily match it. The large department store promises financial help, including price matching and lowering everyday prices.

The Catch:  David Jones will beat the price of most identically stocked items – with quite a fair number of exclusions. It won't compete against a stand-alone online retailer, any clearance/liquidation/outlet/auction or likewise stock, and any special orders that aren't part of the David Jones standard range.

How to Claim: There are no online forms, so you can either visit the store armed with your proof of competitor's pricing or contact them online.

David Jones

8. Dan Murphy's

Lowest Liquor Price Guarantee

Hidden in plain sight, Dan Murphy's guarantees you get the best booze for your buck.

The Catch: Competitors must have stock available, and the stock must be within 10km of the Dan Murphy store. This doesn't mean you have to be in-store to buy it; you can set your nearest store on Dan Murphy's website and research from there.

Note: The online store's prices are (for the most part) regulated to reflect nationwide prices unless you're in South Australia, where the legislation differs.

How to Claim: Show Dan Murphy a competitor's price, and they'll beat it.

Dan Murphy's

9. Best Buy

Price Match Guarantee. While this is a price match ONLY, the nice thing is that you don't have to go throughthe gruelling process of waiting for your difference to be returned or refunded.

How to claim: Find the competing retailer and call Best Buy todiscuss. Or print out the competitor's product page and bring it in store for discount codes in Australia.

Best Buy

10. Anaconda

Find a cheaper price on the same stocked item, and we'll beat it by 10%.

How to Claim:  Claim your Lowest Price Guarantee by providing advertising material, a genuine signed quote, a dated receipt or any other official document from the other retail store.


11. Bing Lee

Bing Lee have a price match ONLY policy

The Catch: Bing Lee tends not to price match online companies. A company must meet the following criteria for them to price match:

  • They must be a registered business in Australia.
  • They must be paying GST (i.e. registered for tax within Australia)
  • They must have at least two retail outlets in Australia. These retail outlets should have the same name as the online store.
  • The product cannot be on clearance.
  • Bing Lee will not offer price matching on products from Apple, Miele, or Asko.
  • The product cannot be part of a bundle.
  • The product cannot be provided through financing, and if Bing Lee does price match, you cannot use Bing Lee financing.
  • It must be identical to a product offered by Bing Lee, including the same brand, model, series, specification, features, colour, year of production and condition.
  • It is in stock with the Competitor (not available for back order). It's not offered as part of a bundled or bonus offering at the time of price matching.
  • It's in stock with Bing Lee at the relevant store (not available for back order).
  • It's available for immediate purchase from the competitor and, if advertised by an Online competitor, must be in stock and available for immediate delivery via courier / Australia Post.

This means that Bing Lee wouldn't be able to price match companies like Amazon or a small electrical product company.

How to Claim: Bring it to Bing Lee's attention at the time of price matching.

Bing Lee

12. JB HiFi

As Australia's largest technology, entertainment and appliance discount retailer they are committed to delivering the best prices and market-leading deals. JB Hi-Fi will enthusiastically match the price of an identically stocked competitor product for discount codes in Australia. Negotiable deals are part of our everyday promise.

The Catch: A JB Deal applies to identical products in stock at both the competitor and the relevant JB Hi-Fi store at the time of price matching. JB Hi-Fi must verify the competitor's price. Online price comparisons must include any delivery costs.

How to Claim: Ask for a JB deal!

Ask for a JB deal

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