Your Comprehensive Guide to Australian Stores with Price Match Guarantees

August 11, 2023
Your Comprehensive Guide to Australian Stores with Price Match Guarantees

In the pursuit of smart shopping, who wouldn't want to snag the best deals possible? Fortunately, several stores in Australia understand this desire and offer price match guarantees, creating a win-win situation for buyers and bargain hunters.

Whether you're eyeing electronics, fashion, home essentials, or more, these retailers promise to match or beat competitor prices, making sure you get the most value for your money. We all come across the signs "Price Match", "Price Guarantee" and "Lowest Price" on most online stores we encounter.

So, let's delve into the world of Australian stores with price match guarantees and learn how you can save significantly on your purchases.

Price Matching & Price Beating

Price matching involves a store matching or surpassing a competitor's lower price on an identical product. This approach benefits shoppers by allowing them to buy the item at a reduced cost without having to go to a different store. This practice is common not only in brick-and-mortar retail shops but also holds importance in the pricing tactics of online businesses.

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Price beating

Price beating refers to a business practice where a retailer not only matches a competitor's lower price on a particular product but goes a step further by offering an even lower price. In essence, the retailer is determined to provide the customer with a better deal than what the competitor is offering. This strategy aims to attract customers by demonstrating that the retailer is not only willing to match prices but also outdo them, emphasizing their commitment to providing the best possible value.

Key Considerations

When you come across a lower price at another store and wish to initiate a price match at its competitor's stores, the procedure might not be as straightforward as anticipated. Price match guarantees come with intricate terms and conditions, so it's essential to thoroughly review the details of your chosen stores' price matching policies. Many stores insist that the item is available in stock at the rival store before they proceed with the price match request. However, certain stores outline even more stringent terms and conditions.

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Let’s take a closer look at the online stores that have attractive price match guarantee and understand how you can really take advantage of it.

eBay: In the event that you've completed a transaction on eBay and subsequently discover a better deal for the same item elsewhere within 48 hours, eBay will provide you with a voucher covering the price difference plus an additional 5% reduction based on the online retail platform's cost (up to $150). The price matching process entails buying a fresh, fixed-price product from eBay and dedicating the following 48 hours to comparing prices with other options. eBay will solely acknowledge a competitor's price if the store is deemed an authorized retailer by eBay.

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1st Choice Liquor: Lowest Price Promise. The price offered by the competitor should be applicable on the exact same day and within the same state.

Dan Murphy’s: Lowest Liquor Price Guarantee. Dan Murphy’s ensures that you're receiving top-notch value for your alcohol purchases. For a successful price match, competitors should have available stock within a 10km radius of the Dan Murphy’s stores. This doesn't require your physical presence in the store to make a purchase; you can set your closest store on the Dan Murphy’s website and explore from there.

Best Buy: Price Match Guarantee. Although this exclusively involves price matching, the convenient aspect is that you don't need to endure the tedious wait for your price difference to be given back or reimbursed. Just locate the competing seller and contact Best Buy to converse about it. Alternatively, you can print out the product page from the competitor and take it to the physical store.

Kmart: Price Promise. In case you come across a better price, Kmart will match that price. Regrettably, this offer does not extend to online prices, items in clearance, or products from warehouse outlets.

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David Jones: If you happen to discover a lower price for the identical product at another location, David Jones will gladly match it. This prominent retail brand is offering several financial benefits, including price matching and reducing its regular prices. David Jones will surpass the price of most items stocked in the same manner, with reasonable exceptions. It won't engage in competition with independent online retailers, items in clearance, liquidation, outlets, auctions, or similar categories. Additionally, price match won't apply to special orders that fall outside the standard range of products offered by David Jones.

Officeworks: Guaranteed Lowest Price. Otherwise, they will outdo any competing price by 5%. Online prices can only be equalled with other online prices. The compared price must encompass all costs associated with delivery.

Chemist Warehouse: Beat Any Prices. Pit them against major players such as Priceline, and if a rival offers a lower price, they'll surpass it by 10%. Excluding prices labelled as 'online only'.

Harvey Norman: Best Price Guarantee. Harvey Norman is committed to doing price match of legitimate competitor advertisements. This assurance holds for products that are exactly the same and have been advertised within 7 days before or after your purchase from them. To qualify for the price match, the advertised price must encompass all expenses related to delivery and installation. The item should also be in stock at the competitor's store and ready for immediate delivery. Certain exceptions include competitors lacking a multi-store omni-channel retail setup (in other words, valid competitors must have more than one physical retail location), conditional offers, deals from resellers, clearance items, seconds, refurbished products, and offers that necessitate overseas delivery.

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Appliances Online: Best Price Guarantee and matching prices for identical products. Appliances Online provides complimentary delivery to metropolitan regions and also takes away your previous appliances.

The Good Guys: If you find a lower online price or an advertised one within 30 days of your purchase, and The Good Guys will reimburse you 120% of the disparity. This offer is quite enticing for a price match store, we have to acknowledge, as it means receiving the entire price difference back. You must initially buy the product from The Good Guys, then remain vigilant for up to 30 days to spot the same item in other catalogs for comparison. The Good Guys will solely consider a competitor's price if the competitor is an authorized Australian dealer for the relevant manufacturer and the item is ready for immediate shipment. Price matching does not encompass online marketplaces like eBay.

Bing Lee promises to matching the prices of any Australian enterprise operating at least two physical retail outlets. However, upon closer examination of their terms and conditions, you'll find that they maintain a roster of product brands that are not covered by their price matching policy. Additionally, there are "other products designated by Bing Lee as ineligible for this Policy, subject to change."

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The next time you're ready to make a purchase, keep these stores with price match guarantees in mind. With their commitment to matching or beating competitor prices, you can shop with confidence, knowing you're getting the best possible deal.

From appliances to fashion and everything in between, these retailers have your savings in mind. Make the most of these price match guarantees and enjoy the satisfaction of not only getting what you need but also saving significantly in the process.

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