Price Tracker vs Price Comparison: Which Tool is Best for Your Shopping Needs?

April 24, 2023
Price Tracker vs Price Comparison: Which Tool is Best for Your Shopping Needs?

In times of rising prices, it becomes crucial to effectively manage and maintain a personal budget. Along with discount codes, sales, and cashback apps, shoppers are increasingly turning to price tracker and comparison website as valuable shopping tools to help them make informed purchasing decisions and stick to their budget when shopping online. These shopping tools enable shoppers to become more savvy and ensure they are getting the best value for their money.

But to know what you should use for your own needs, it’s better to have a closer look at these two shopping tools and compare them to see which one is the best for you.

What is a price tracker?

A price tracker is an innovative shopping tool, typically in the form of an app or website, that enables users to monitor and track price changes of products or services. By gathering information from various marketplace or e-commerce websites, price tracker apps and websites provide users with real-time data on pricing trends over time. Once a user adds a product to their tracking list, the price tracker app's algorithm will regularly monitor the item's price on the specified online store, typically on a daily basis.

Some price tracker apps, like Fetchie, display price changes through a detailed price chart, illustrating how the price has increased or decreased over a specific period. This feature allows users to easily identify price changes and partterns, in order to make informed decisions about when to buy to ensure they get the best deal possible.

What are the benefits of a price tracker?

  • Price tracker apps and websites are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy and convenient to use for people of all ages.
  • Price trackers can save online shoppers time and effort, particularly for those who enjoy seeking out deals and discount codes. Rather than manually tracking price changes across multiple websites, users can save all of their desired products in one place and let the price tracker apps or websites do the work for them.
  • Price trackers can help users save money by providing historical pricing information and up-to-date data. By tracking price changes over time, and gaining visibility into a detailed price chart, shoppers can make informed decisions and get the best value for their money.

For example, if a shopper sees that the price of a product they want has dropped in the past, they may decide to wait a day or two to see if the price drops again before making their purchase.

What is a Price comparison website?

A price comparison website is typically in the form of a website, that helps consumers compare prices on the same products or services from different online stores. Like price trackers, these price comparison websites gather information from different brands, stores, and online retailers to provide their users with real-time pricing information and other relevant product details. This information is usually presented in a rating chart, with the best deal at the top and the following are alternative options.

The price comparison website's interface is easy for people to use and navigate, helping them find what they need at the best price. From that, consumers can make purchases directly with online stores or retailers.

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What are the benefits of price comparison website?

  • Help customers save money and time: By comparing prices across various providers and online stores, price comparison has been a helpful tool to get the best value with one’s money. With large purchases, finding a $10 cheaper deal can make a difference in managing one’s budget.

Users can easily access all the information and pricing data from a single price comparison website, without having to open multiple tabs and visit different online stores. This shopping tool saves people a heap of time, especially those with a tight schedule.

  • Make better decisions: Sometimes, people can be subject to impulsive buying and end up paying too much for something cheaper at other stores. Therefore, keeping track of pricing information and comparing prices from multiple brands will lead to the optimal decision when it comes to making a purchase.
  • Get access to deals and offers: Many price comparison websites have features that can show users available discount codes or sales for similar or relevant items to what they have searched for. It provides excellent alternative options and sometimes presents better deals for its users.
  • Users can enjoy other conveniences such as search filters, product reviews, product availability, instant notifications, or alerts on certain websites. Users are fully supported to find the best deal and the perfect items they need with an innovative price comparison website.

Nevertheless, price comparison websites have some drawbacks, such as not being able to cover all the online stores and deals available. Sometimes, price comparison websites can mistakenly deliver past information because the system hasn’t been able to update new details from online stores. That’s why online shoppers must double-check and browse the Internet again before buying, especially if they only use one price comparison website to compare and track prices of the products they love.

So, what’s the right tool for you? Generally speaking, the answer to this question totally depends on your preferences and specific needs.

1. Sticking to the price tracker is your best option if you have decided and found the most suitable products for your life (based on their branding, quality, or your personal interest).

You can track price changes over time and get an alert when the price reaches your desired price point. Moreover, you feel like there's no need for you to check other stores or use a price comparison website. Then, when it’s the right time to buy, you can easily click the “Buy now” button, which will take you directly to the store site to purchase.

2. On the other hand, if you keep your options open and want to look for the best deals, a price comparison site is what you need.

With the ability to bring all the information from a wide range of online stores and retailers, you can quickly assess the most affordable and choose from those available. In addition, users of price comparison websites can also gain details about the shipping fee, reviews, and availability before buying.

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Overall, there’s no harm in keeping both and using price tracker and price comparison at the same time as your best shopping assistants. Sometimes, you might need a price tracker app and a price comparison website to make the best purchase.

However, it’s still advised that you understand what you want and keep one shopping tool, either a price tracker app or a price comparison website to help you at a time so that you won’t be confused, or even more hesitant in deciding because of abundant information. Knowing how to use these shopping tools is critical to transforming your experience and becoming a savvy shopper.

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