Top shopping assistant apps for 2023 

March 6, 2023
Top shopping assistant apps for 2023 

Shopping has become more convenient than ever before with the advent of smart shopping apps. These apps not only allow you to shop from the comfort of your home, but also find the best deals for all products you love. Get personalized recommendations, coupons and deals, product reviews, price tracking, convenience, and so much more.

Reshape your shopping experience today with these apps that we think you’ll love:


Honey is a free browser extension that automatically searches for the best deals and discounts on products you are browsing for online.

  • One of the best things I love about Honey is that it does all the work for you, right up till it’s time to check out. While you’re checking out, Honey will scour the net for any discount or promo codes so that you can seamlessly save money.
  • According to the site, the average annual savings for an individual is $126. That’s a steal if you ask me! The platform offers many ways for its users to save money such as: savings finder, honey gold, price tracking, honey droplist, honey on amazon, and the honey mobile app.
  • The savings finder is the main feature that I discussed before. All you need to do is to add Honey as an extension to your browser, and it will find the best deals for you.
  • Honey Gold is their loyalty program whereby customers can earn gift cards from popular retail stores such as Amazon. Whenever you make a purchase from one of their retailers, you’ll earn points. These points accumulate with every purchase until you’ve collected 1000 points, where you’ll then be eligible for a $10 gift card.
  • The price tracker allows users to view an item’s historical price data for large retailers such as Target, Amazon, and more. Users can utilise this feature to their advantage to predict when there may be changes in prices based on past trends.

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  • Honey Droplist lets you add items to a virtual basket. The platform will then look out for any price drops over time and send you an email if one or more of your items has a discount. Now you never have to worry about searching for discounts yourself again!
  • Honey on Amazon is similar to its main feature, but this lets you compare prices of an item with various sellers on Amazon. This helps you find savings faster and more efficiently so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work.


Klarna has become a growth machine in the past decade, outpacing global e-commerce expansion due to the increasing shift away from credit cards.

  • At a glance, Klarna runs on a “buy now, pay later” model for in-store and online purchases at large retailers. The platform’s popularity boomed in the US and other nations due to its “no interest” component. In comparison to similar services, most applications make its users pay an interest percentage for using the app – kind of a backwards way of convincing people they’re saving money, no?
  • Klarna lets customers pay in four separate instalments to be paid every two weeks. For example, if an item costs $400, you would first pay $100 at checkout. The remaining three $100 instalments will be billed to you every two weeks until you’ve paid the full $400. The platform is interest free, but there is a late fee if you are over 10 days overdue.
  • The platform is a great tool for those looking to help pay for essential expenses. Especially since there is no interest attached, Klarna drives home their mission to develop financial wellness. Unlike its competitors such as Afterpay, Klarna lets you choose how to finance your expenses, whether it be pay-in-30 and six month financing – this allows customers to buy a set of items at checkout, return the things you don’t want anymore, and still only pay for what you keep.
  • Moreover, due to the shift away from credit cards, some groups of people are opting to simply use the Klarna Card similarly to a credit card. Although you won’t receive the same benefits or credit, the Klarna Card offers no annual fee the first year, and just a $3.99 monthly fee after that. On the other hand, credit card fees can range from annual fees, interest charges, balance transfer fees, returned payment fees, and more.


Fetchie is a price tracking app that sniffs out price drops and promos on anything you want, whether it be food, essentials, technology, and so much more.

  • This app was designed for bargain hunters who wanted a break from doing all of the research and nitty gritty work themselves. It’s super easy to use and also free. To start getting the best deals, all you need to do is create an account with Fetchie.
  • Whenever you find an item online that you really love but just can’t get around paying full price for it, add the URL to your list on Fetchie. Fetchie will then keep an eye on it and send push notifications on your phone whenever there is a price drop for any of the items you’ve saved into the app. When you’re ready to purchase, simply hit the “Buy Now” button and it will take you straight to the retailer’s site for you to buy directly on.
  • Fetchie saves customers hours of time and energy by doing all the hard work itself. Now you’ll be able to sit back and relax as the notifications for discounts start pouring in.
  • What’s even better is that the Fetchie platform prioritises the customer over the product – something we’ve seen to be the opposite in the price comparison market. Oftentimes, sites will only compare products for retailers they are partnered with or show you products/brands that you’re not interested in, giving you a harder time to decipher what you actually want.
  • We value your privacy and do not use third parties to track you. Instead, we give you the luxury of creating your own feed and unique shopping experience.
  • On top of this, Fetchie lets you see the most popular items that are being saved onto the app, kind-of like a crowd-sourced e-commerce site. So whilst some people might only use Fetchie for their saved items, you are also able to view other popular products that might interest you and also save them into your basket. Start saving time and money today with Fetchie, your personal price companion!


ShopSavvy is an innovative way you can find discounts on products while you’re on the go.

  • The app has a build in barcode and QR scanner you can use while you’re out shopping. Simply scan the item you’re interested in, and the app will show you where you can find the same thing at the lowest price available at another store.
  • If an item doesn’t have a barcode, fear not. Users can also manually type in the product details and search it up – be aware that alternatives may pop up.
  • Another neat feature about the app is that you can curate a “favourites” list of discounted items and then share it with friends and family. I know for me personally that would help out a lot during Christmas time, especially if people are having trouble with finding affordable gifts.
  • Similarly to Fetchie, ShopSavvy lets you see the more popular products on their Featured List and Popular Product pages to help you see what other people are interested in nowadays.
  • Although the app isn’t the most original when it comes to barcode scanning and discounts, ShopSavvy does a really good job of making its interface simple and easy to use, and offering just a little bit more than other apps on the market. If you’re the type to go out shopping pretty often, this app would be perfect for you.


You’ve seen price comparison sites that recommend you a bunch of different stores that you might not be interested in. But what if you really love Amazon? Fear not, because CamelCamelCamel is about to be your new best friend.

  • CamelCamelCamel is an Amazon price tracking app that compares the prices of items across various vendors on the site – finding you the best bargain.
  • It’s a well-known fact that Amazon’s product catalogue is huge; it’s difficult to replicate a copy of it. To combat this, CamelCamelCamel’s database is populated by keywords that users search up and around 6 million Amazon products are monitored by the Camel employees. Amazon prices can change on the daily, so the site has ensured complete transparency regarding its price intelligence.
  • To use CamelCamelCamel you can browse their Amazon catalogue for generic products that you’re looking for or you can view the biggest recent price drops near the top of the screen. If you’re looking for something specific you found on Amazon, you can paste the product URL into the site, and CamelCamelCamel will do its magic.
  • Another cool thing about this site is that it shows price history graphs of the product you searched for, giving customers even more insight. So,  yes, whilst the site might show you the current lowest price, you can use the historical data to predict when the price will go down even further and then wait for that period of time.

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All in all, smart shopping apps and shopping assistants are great ways to help you save a lot of money, especially with inflation creeping up on people. Try out any of these platforms today and see how much money and time you can save!

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