Track Price Drops For What You Want To Buy

February 3, 2023
Track Price Drops For What You Want To Buy

Ladies and Gents, the race is on! Do you want to price watch a ‘Wish-List” item and know as SOON as the price changes on the website? Do you want to get a push notification about a price change, so you can jump on a sale before everyone else does and it sells out!? We all try our best to “be in the know” about exclusive sales, things that we know will sell out quickly, and when it’s something we are busting to buy. Maybe it’s concert tickets, the latest tech release, boutique items, that designer dress you have been eyeing since the beginning of the season…you know, the things that matter and excite you.

You’ll kick yourself if you miss out, so what can a gal or guy do? Set an alarm? But not just any alarm, a price monitoring alarm

What is a price monitoring alarm?

A price monitoring alarm will keep checking back with a website to see if any changes have been made. If it has, you get an alert sent to your phone as a push notification. Hit the notification, and you will be taken to the App, where you can choose to be redirected straight to the retailer’s checkout. It’s simple, and the retailer has no idea you’ve been tracking this item. It’s a personal price tracker with no strings attached.

Stop wasting your free time shopping for the best deals. Use a price alert app.

Why we made Fetchie for website price drops

Ok, so you are browsing online on your phone as you usually do, and you get to a product URL page, you have two options for saving this product page to the Fetchie App.

Options 1: Copy the URL by holding down on the address, copy, open the Fetchie App and press + for a new item to watch. Paste the URL, and the item will now start to get tracked.

Option 2: Hit the Share button and choose to share the product page with Fetchie App

I really like this outfit from David Jones. I’m going to set the alarm in case there is a sale, and the price drops, or at least keep tabs on this dress for when I’m ready to buy! SO CUTE!

Why I love Fetchie: I build “Wish Lists” as I come across new and shiny objects! Kind of like Pinterest but with up-to-date pricing! I see something I like, and I now think ok, “Add to my Fetch List,” Kind of the same way I used to think “Add to Cart!” but then not actually check out with the item. Of course, when you do that, you get emails like “DID YOU FORGET SOMETHING????” and then get stalked on Facebook and Instagram for the next month. Fetchie is way better; I’m hooked! Plus, the dog mascot is a huge bonus… He’s just too adorable to ignore!

This isn’t very exciting, but I buy Natural State Candle Grapefruit & Yuzu 300g every month, and I know usually it’s for sale somewhere for around $28. I like knowing ahead of time when I go shopping as I might go to a different shop if I know the prices beforehand. I’ve even used the App at Priceline to get a price match, saving me a trip to the competitors. I’ve gone a bit nuts and added most of our frequent shop household items. I then compare the lists before choosing which shopping centre to go to, it was pretty easy to set up, and I find it’s saving me cash each week comparing just these items. Here’s an example of what that looks like

This new Vitamix has just dropped. I know there will be plenty of stock, so I won’t buy now at the full RRP. I’ll keep an eye on the price history over the next few months to help predict the best time of year to buy and set a price drop alert. I want to get it, but only when it’s come down by at least $100. I’ve used this technique since adopting the Fetchie App for website price drops, and I am happy to report I scored a Bose stereo for 70% off the original RRP. I’m planning on gifting this to my wife for her Birthday. She’s going to feel very spoiled!

My family and I love to travel around Australia. I use Fetchie to check prices and to check in on specific hard-to-get items. For example, I want a particular Nikon lens, and the price rarely changes, and I’ll certainly never hear about it in an ad, or a marketing newsletter as it’s a bit niche, so instead I save it and set a price drop alert.

Why I love Fetchie: It’s handy. I use it regularly to see if Chemist Warehouse or Coles have my B12 vitamins half price; I do the same with protein powder and Oral B toothbrush refills. I spend maybe 2 minutes adding URLs to my list for stuff like that, and then it’s helpful to see the price difference in a list. It’s really useful for whenever you want to see website price drops instead of checking everything yourself every other day.

Another thing I use Fetchie for is planning our next family holiday by keeping an eye out for end-of-season technical clothing. I’d love to spoil the family with GORE-TEX jackets. Stores like Kathmandu, Icebreaker, and Anaconda, tend to have big sales once a year, so this way, I have all the things I’d like to buy when they are on sale saved, which makes it easy to remember what I picked out already.

I have a list dedicated to fun toys for the family. Toys for my daughter that I want to get her for birthdays and Christmas, and also right before big road trips to keep her occupied! I have my own wish list toys on there, too, like telescopes, drones, Fitbit, camera equipment, and anything that looks fun and that we could all enjoy playing with while travelling.

Some things on my Fetchie lists are things I’d like to replace, like my tent, other stuff I’m interested in purchasing at some point, like a good quality knife set, and I’d love to upgrade our suitcases. I want to buy the better-quality sets, so they hopefully last a lot longer; I am currently tracking the knife set above and the suitcase set to see if they have a significant sale.

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