The Rise of Social Shopping: Personalising your Online Shopping Experience 

March 24, 2023
The Rise of Social Shopping: Personalising your Online Shopping Experience 

With over 44% of the world’s population (3.5 billion people) using social media, it is no wonder that we are all connected; even down to the ways we search for, review, and recommend items that we have shopped for.

In this article we will be looking at:

  1. What is social shopping?
  2. Shopping has transformed with the rise of social media.
  3. Our purchasing patterns help other consumers.
  4. How shared shopping habits are negatively influenced by social media.
  5. How Fetchie ensures you find the best priced product.
  6. Final Thoughts.

What is social shopping?

Social shopping is an E-commerce strategy that involves sharing the shopping experience with a social network of friends and acquaintances.

This has a major impact on how we as consumers make purchasing decisions as the concept behind social shopping involves us as consumers’ being influenced by the recommendations and purchases of our peers.

Shopping has transformed with the rise of social media.

The integration of buying and selling into daily life as well as a genuine sense of community and connection are what set social commerce apart from traditional e-commerce.

  • With new chances for us to participate in the global economy as consumers, innovators, influencers, and sellers, it is poised to disrupt the way we purchase and cause a shift in the balance of power from large to small businesses.
  • As consumers, we desire to purchase goods and services based on advice and motivation from reliable sources. This may include your neighbours, families, friends, and influencers we follow on social media
  • Our needs are met by social commerce, which offers a better buying experience that encourages discovery, allows for personalisation, and makes use of our community’s knowledge and authenticity to foster trust.

How shared shopping habits are negatively influenced by social media.

Even though shared shopping habits have immense benefits, the integration with social media can have several downsides due to privacy issues. Here are two potential risks:

1. Targeted advertising:

Social media platforms often collect data about users' shopping habits, which can be used to create targeted advertisements. While this may seem harmless at first, it can lead to an overwhelming number of ads that feel invasive and creepy.

2.Loss of Privacy:

Sharing shopping habits on social media can erode your privacy. Even if you do not think that sharing this type of information is important, it can add up over time and paint a picture of your life that you may not want others to see.

However, there are platforms out there (such as Fetchie) that do not impede on your internet privacy.

To learn more about this topic, our Track Online Privacy Issues When Shopping’ blogpost can provide more information

Our purchasing patterns help other consumers.

Online retailers, price-tracking apps, and recommendation-based websites have one more thing in common in today’s age. They utilise AI algorithms to figure out the common thread amongst consumers’ purchasing patterns to see items we like.

How Fetchie ensures you find the best priced product.

Fetchie has recognised that we as consumers like to be assured about the purchases we make. If you trust your friends, family and influencers to make an informed decision – you'll be amazed by the similarity between yourself and another individual whom you might not have met yet. Hence, we decided to add a feature to explore items based on what other people are watching.

Exploring products that you are interested in, based on others’ similar interests enables you to shop more efficiently. With Fetchie, you can utilise the explore feature to:

  1. Investigate the items that other savvy consumers are following
  2. Add any item from any store to make your ideal fetch lists
  3. Explore the items that people are tracking nearby
  4. Add that same item to your Fetch List

For instance, you can see deals other people are watching and can filter intentionally i.e., by location. This will enable you to be notified of promotions at your favourite store that is nearby. Additionally, Fetchie’s database is continually expanding, to help you shop wiser.

Your data is safe with Fetchie.

At Fetchie, we’ve recognised the risks that come with social shopping. This is why as you browse, save and watch items, we want you to feel safe.

Your Personal Information is kept in a manner that safeguards it all from misuse and loss, as well as unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure.

At Fetchie, we take precautions to protect the personal information we collect from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, or disclosure, and other forms of misuse. When personal information is no longer needed, it is securely destroyed or deleted.

Concluding thoughts.

Leverage recommendations that derive themselves from others’ purchases, commentary, opinions, and general insights! You will benefit immensely from consumers who share a similar mindset with you. To get these items at their best price however, leverage Fetchie for both the price-dropping and community aspect.

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