The Best Apps and Expert Tips for Scoring Deals in Your Local Areas!

August 14, 2023
The Best Apps and Expert Tips for Scoring Deals in Your Local Areas!

Local deals apps are mobile apps for deals in your area. Also known as ‘local discount apps’ or ‘geo shopping apps’ that help you save money by making it easy to find local deals, coupons and special offers via your smartphone. Whether you want to save money on groceries, fashion, restaurants, utilities, travel and more, local deals apps can help you do just that.

Local deals apps work by using your mobile location to send you real-time offers and local deals while you are out shopping. Gone are the days of rifling through magazines and newspapers for cut-out coupons. In today’s world, you can find and redeem local deals easily and conveniently via your smartphone with these innovative local deals apps.

Powered with geolocation capabilities, local deals apps offer personalized location-based discounts for nearby restaurants, spas, shopping and more. What’s not to love? All you need to do is make sure your location services are turned on and give the local deals app location permissions when you download it.

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1. Groupon

With Groupon, you can enjoy savings of up to 70% on your everyday activities, and there's even a chance to receive up to 30% cash back on your purchases. This popular local deals app allows you to save on various things, ranging from shopping and dining out to spa days, getaways, and fitness options, among much more.

By downloading this shopping app for free, you can conveniently access and redeem 'Groupons' directly from your smartphone. With its intelligent location-based features, Groupon ensures you never miss out on unique and local deals, discounts, and experiences. Simply share your location with the app to effortlessly search for local deals, receive real-time updates, and get notifications about the best nearby offers.

2. Fetchie

Fetchie is your personal smart shopping app that fetches the real deals in your local area every day. Simply enable your location while using the app and access the Explorer feature; Fetchie will bring you trending products and sales that your neighbours are eyeing on. With Fetchie and its powerful feature to search for local deals and discounts, you will never miss a deal and always stay ahead of the game to get the best price before anyone else.

Powered by community and crowd-source technology, there are no limits on the stores or websites. So, no matter where you are, you can see deals from big supermarkets, department stores, or fashion retailers near you. The Fetchie app also offers other innovative features to help you shop smart and save on every purchase.

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3. RetailMeNot

Cut costs and save time effortlessly using RetailMeNot, an exceptional app for local deals that swiftly locates the finest deals in your areas. With over 500,000 reviews and 210,000+ offers from numerous top-notch retailers, this shopping app simplifies money-saving no matter where you are.

Enjoy discounts on local food, sportswear, skincare, tech, home and garden products, and much more. When shopping online, the Deal Finder browser extension automatically applies codes and enables you to earn up to 10 times cash back. Furthermore, RetailMeNot can notify you about nearby savings and select personalized deals based on your location and shopping preferences.

4. Flipp – Weekly Shopping

Flipp allows you to peruse through numerous weekly ads, flyers, and coupons from well-known retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, and others. This convenient shopping app for local deals streamlines the process of saving on essentials, groceries, household items, and pharmacy products. Just download Flipp for free, search for discounted items at nearby stores, access weekly circulars without any charges, and receive location-based notifications and updates. Embrace paperless couponing directly on your phone with this local deals app and make the most of the fantastic savings opportunities.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick enables you to receive complimentary gift cards by shopping online or at nearby grocery stores. Additionally, you can earn rewards simply by walking into partner stores and scanning specific barcodes. Collect "kicks" for various actions, such as entering partner stores, scanning items, or making purchases. Furthermore, you can shop at over 80 online stores through this local deals app and earn rewards with every order. Even from the comfort of your couch, you can earn kicks by watching videos and browsing content within the Shopkick shopping app.

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6. Local Deals & No Bids Finder

Discover local deals and items with zero bids on eBay using the Local Deals and No Bids Finder, only available on Google Play. Say goodbye to long journeys to pick up purchases or engaging in bidding wars. This shopping app eliminates the hassle, providing local results tailored to your postcode and preferred travel distance. Seize no-reserve products at a fraction of their price and locate last-minute auctions with imminent endings. With this app for local deals, finding the best bargains in your area becomes effortless.

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By leveraging the power of technology through local deals apps and applying these insider strategies, you can stretch your money further and enjoy more of the things you love without breaking the bank. Remember, the key is to be proactive, persistent, and open to exploring new opportunities.

Next time you step out to shop, dine, or enjoy in leisure activities, remember to check your local deals apps to uncover discounts and promotions that others might miss. Share this guide with friends and family, and together, let's start saving money while supporting local businesses.

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