Why Fetchie is the Best Free Price Tracker App for Smart Online Shoppers in Australia

April 17, 2023
Why Fetchie is the Best Free Price Tracker App for Smart Online Shoppers in Australia

Fetchie, the latest price tracker app in Australia, has quickly become a go-to shopping tool for online shoppers looking to save money and be smart consumers.

If you recently bought a nice pair of shoes and the next day, it’s on sale for 20%; it's definitely not a good feeling knowing that you have missed a deal, or you don’t even know the price just drops for your favourite products. We can’t keep an eye on that item all the time to see when it becomes affordable, but Fetchie - your ideal price tracker app can.

Our price tracker app will soon transform your online shopping experience. With this personal price tracker, you can see price changes, see price trends over a period, and know when it’s the right time to shop.

If you're not using Fetchie - a smart price tracker yet, here are five reasons why you should be:

1. Get Started For Free

You can get started for free and track prices of any product without any subscriptions or in-app purchases. There’s no need to worry about paying so simply download the app from your App Store or Google Play and use it right away.

2. Protects Your Privacy

The Fetchie team understand the importance of protecting your personal data. That's why we don't require any credit card information, mobile numbers, or addresses to use this price tracker. All you need to sign up is your email, and we'll send you a confirmation code to set up your account.

3. Easy to Use

Fetchie has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy and enjoyable to use. Simply click on the share button while browsing an online store and tap on the Fetchie app logo. Our price tracker will process all the details, track price changes and visualise the latest pricing information through a price chart, showing you real-time insights into that product's pricing trends.

4. Know When to Buy:

Fetchie tracks price changes for any product on any website, and notifies you when the price drops. You can even set up alerts for specific products, so you'll never miss a deal. This price tracker will send instant alerts when there is a price drops, discounts or promo codes depending on your notification preferences.

5. Personalised Shopping Experience:

Fetchie runs based on the information you provide and what you want. Whether you're looking for a new lipstick from Sephora or a pair of headphones from JB Hi-Fi, our price tracker app helps you effortlessly track price and see up-to-date price chart of your favourite products to make the best decisions about when to buy. You get access to your own list of specific items, instead of having to see random products suggestion that might lead you to impulse buying.

Fetchie is one of the best free price tracker apps for smart online shoppers in Australia. By using Fetchie, a free price tracker app, you can save money, protect your privacy, and make better buying decisions.

Ready to buy at the lowest price? Download Fetchie - your personal price tracker today and start enjoying the benefits of being a smart consumer.

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