Shopping Smart with the Best Price Match Stores in the US

August 20, 2023
Shopping Smart with the Best Price Match Stores in the US

In a world where every dollar counts, finding the best deals becomes a quest for savvy shoppers. Thankfully, the concept of price matching has revolutionised the way we shop, allowing us to secure the lowest prices without compromising quality.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the top price match stores in the US, giving you the tools to shop smart and save big.

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Even though Walmart stores in the United States don't match prices of competitors, you have the option to match prices for online orders placed on its online store. Additionally, it's important to highlight that if you buy the same item from a Walmart store in the U.S., Walmart will match the price listed on its website.

However, Walmart imposes restrictions on the frequency of price matching, allowing only one price match per customer or household each day. Ensure the eligibility of your price match by reviewing the list of exclusions for price matching on Walmart website to confirm whether your item qualifies. You should locate or purchase your available item at Walmart, and present evidence of the higher price to a Walmart store sales associate or supervisor during the purchase process.

Feel free to tap into your savvy shopper side and make the most of Walmart's price matching policy – you could discover substantial savings that might pleasantly surprise you.


Best Buy

Best Buy provides a price matching service for a variety of sources. During the time of purchase, they match prices from Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, and more. This extends to local retail competitors, encompassing their online prices, effectively including all nearby electronics stores within a 25-mile radius. It's advisable to confirm this with store associates and carefully read through Best Buy's complete price matching guidelines.

If your purchased item goes on sale within the return or exchange period at Best Buy, you will receive a refund for the difference. However, to receive a price match for a competitor's price, you need to request it during the point of sale.

If you're shopping online, there are two options available: you can provide evidence of the higher price to a Best Buy store sales associate or call their number. The price match process is time-limited and can be initiated during the return and exchange period of your order. For most orders, the return period is around 15 days.


Nordstrom is willing to align the price of an item with that of a "specific competitor," assuming it's available in the same colour and size as a Nordstrom item. Furthermore, if an item undergoes a price reduction, you can obtain a revised sale price within 14 days of your initial purchase.

Instances where price match and price adjustments do not apply involve items Nordstrom offers during the Limited-Time Sale, Extra Savings, Anniversary Sale, and Daily Deals or Beauty Daily Deals promotions. Check out Nordstrom price matching policy for more details.

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Office Depot

The Office Depot price match policy presents a valuable opportunity to save on office supplies and technology. Similar to Staples, they are willing to match prices from any retailer, contingent on the item being identical and the competitor store offering the item both in-store and online. They also clearly outline the avenues through which you can secure your price match, encompassing options such as a "printed advertisement, printed in-store signage, receipt of item purchased, picture of in-store signage, or online offer from a mobile device."

However, they don’t offer online price matching. Nonetheless, if you're making an in-store purchase and happen upon a lower price for an item on Amazon, Office Depot will match that price under the condition that it's being directly sold by Amazon and not a third-party seller. According to their official website, Amazon is the sole online merchant they presently extend their price matching to.



Staples will price match Amazon (excluding marketplace items) and any competitor that sells both in-store and online under the same brand are eligible for price matching. Staples' price matching is restricted to in-store purchases only. Nonetheless, if you're physically in a Staples store, displaying a lower price from the online store will result in a price match.

The timeframe for price matching at Staples extends to two weeks, allowing matches up to 14 days from the purchase date. To execute a price match, remember to keep all receipts and sales records after shopping at Staples and verify the availability of the same item at Amazon or Staples' competitors. Present evidence of the higher price to a Customer Service associate at a Staples store and you will get your preferred price match.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods will match prices from their own brand as well as sister brands Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy. They also extend this price matching to a range of competitors, including Amazon, Walmart, Cabela’s, Nike, Kohl’s, Academy Sports, Under Armour, adidas, Foot Locker, eligible local retailers, and so many big names detailed in their policy.

To price match, remember to keep your receipt as you have a 14-day window from your purchase date to request a price match. Be sure to review the exclusions by referring to their best price match guarantee policy. You only have to verify that you're seeking a price match for the exact same item, and provide evidence of the higher price to a sales associate at a Dick’s store. If your purchase was made online, you can call their number to process the price match via phone.

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Kohl’s is open to matching prices from competitors, although they do not explicitly list which competitors they will match. To determine this, it's advisable to confirm with a store associate. When making a purchase, you can request a price match in-store by providing evidence of a lower price elsewhere. To initiate a price match for items purchased on the website, you must contact customer service, demonstrating that the same item from a competitor is priced lower and identical to what's offered on Kohl’s website.

The timeframe for price matching is limited. Unlike their extended return window, Kohl’s provides a 14-day period for price matching. When it comes to combo deals, they will either price match or offer a discount, coupon, or promotion. However, they do not combine a price match with other ongoing offers. Kohl’s also enables you to earn and redeem Kohl’s cash and Kohl’s Rewards on products that are price-matched.


Home Depot

Taking advantage of price matching at Home Depot is like having a special tool in your home improvement toolkit. Whether you're someone who loves DIY projects or a professional contractor, the idea of getting the best price is appealing and convenient. Utilise The Home Depot's price matching policy to dive into more projects while keeping your finances in check!

When you shop in-store, should you come across a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item at another retailer, The Home Depot is prepared to match that price. Just present the ad, printout, or photo at the register for verification. This may involve an associate contacting the competitor.

When you shop online, Home Depot's Price Match Guarantee includes both the item's price and its shipping cost. However, the Price Match items must be available from the competitor and eligible for shipping to the customer's location.  At the time of your purchase, The Home Depot will match prices of identical items from local or online competitors. However, prices from Amazon and wholesale retailers such as Costco or Sam's Club are excluded from their price matching policy.



Lowe’s Price Promise ensures the matching of prices from local retailers and the online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Target, HomeDepot, BestBuy, and the list goes on. It is important to note that Lowe’s will not match in-store prices from another Lowe’s branch, nor will they match in-store prices from a different ZIP code.

Lowe’s commits to price matching at the point of sale and up to 30 days after the sale. Hence, it’s recommended to review your receipts for verification. When considering the cost, Lowe’s Price Promise covers the item’s price along with any associated shipping or delivery costs. In regard to combo deals, they will either match a price or provide a discount, coupon, or promotion. Nonetheless, they will not combine a price match with other ongoing offers.

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Michaels extends their price matching policy to include physical retailers, alongside a comprehensive list of online platforms, from Amazon, to Kmart, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and so many more listed in their policy. However, be mindful of the timeframe as you have a span of seven days to initiate a price match. On top of matching rivals' prices, Michaels goes the extra mile by reducing their price by 10% of the difference.

Similar to other stores, the process to price match at Michaels is straightforward. Simply locate or purchase your available item at either a Michaels store or through the website. Retain all your receipts and sales documentation within the seven-day period. Provide evidence of the higher price to a initiate a price match at any Michaels store or contact their Customer Service number.  



Target matches its own prices found on the online store, in addition to its competitors like Amazon, Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bestbuy, Dick’s Sporting Goods... To delve further into the specifics, consult Target’s comprehensive price-matching terms and conditions. There's a 14-day window from the original purchase date to request a price match for your item.

However, Target's price-matching policy is designed with specific boundaries. In-store, Target will match prices from the online store. On the other hand, Target website will match prices from your local store. Notably, they do not match their own prices between different stores.


Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond will match prices with those of local retail competitors and major online retailers (excluding marketplace sellers). The item should be identical, of "first quality," and available in stock at the competitor's store. Bed Bath & Beyond does not match prices for items that are refurbished or factory seconds. The store's price matching policy excludes clearance items, closeouts, sales involving liquidation, or instances of pricing errors.

Whether you're setting up your first apartment or revamping your ideal home, create your dream living space without straining your budget. Embrace the skill of smart shopping and leverage Bed Bath & Beyond's price matching policy — your finances will reap multiple rewards.

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As you navigate the diverse landscape of retail, knowing which stores offer price matching can be your ticket to stretching your shopping budget. With these top-notch options that prioritise your savings, you can shop with assurance, knowing that you're making the most of every dollar spent.

Transform your shopping experience today by utilising price matching strategies of big brands and emerge as a savvier, more informed consumer.

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