7 Best Price Comparison Sites in Australia for Informed Purchase Decisions

April 3, 2023
7 Best Price Comparison Sites in Australia for Informed Purchase Decisions

Are you tired of spending hours scouring various shopping sites to find the best deals, just to feel more confident in making a purchase? Are you tired of constantly switching tabs to compare prices of the same products from different retailers to see where you can get the best offers? With the ever-increasing prices and the difficulty of finding affordable products, it can be challenging to make thoughtful and informed purchase decisions.

Thankfully, there are several price comparison websites and tools available in Australia that can help you compare prices and alert you when prices drop. Check out some price comparison websites that focus on a particular category to help you find the best deals on groceries, cashback, flights and travel, fuel, electricity and gas, and so many more.

Here are seven of the best options that can assist you in making smart choices.

1. BuyWisely

This website offers a wide range of products, including fashion, electronics, and home appliances. It compares prices and deals from different online retailers in Australia and allows you to search for products from various categories. You can also read reviews, view price trends, and access product information and price comparison information to help with your decision-making process. By detailed price comparison between various brands, marketplaces, online stores, you can feel more confident in making an informed purchase decision.

2. GetPrice Australia

GetPrice Australia is perfect for families or households, with extensive catalogues of products spanning from home & garden, kids & toys, to electronics, computers, books and DVD. This website also shows you the lowest prices on different products from its price comparison feature, ensuring you always get the best value for your money. You can easily compare prices and view suggestions for similar products, browsing deals from over 340 stores and 5,500 brands available in Australia. It also features blog posts that compare prices of different products from the same brands or categories to help you find the best fit for your own needs and requirements.

3. Shopbot

This website tracks and compares prices from over a million products and deals from thousands of stores and merchants. It also provides information, offers, and price comparison based on different Australian shopping events such as Black Friday and Boxing Day. You can search for products based on your preferences of merchant, brand, category, and price range, so that you can make a purchase directly from the retailers of your choice.

4. Google Shopping:

This powerful shopping tool gives you access to thousands of products from everywhere with a comprehensive filter that help you compare prices in a second and find the perfect match for your needs. You can search for products based on pricing, key features, technical conditions, shapes and sizes, and so much more. With Google Shopping, you can explore available price drops, effortlessly access abundant information about price comparison, get the best price and best deals from all your favourite brands in Australia.

5. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy's app, website, and browser extension allow you to track and compare prices from over 70,000 stores and set up price drops, deals, and back-in-stock alerts. It also offers "best time to buy guides" on different products, including cameras, computers, televisions, and dryers from top online brands in Australia. With this innovative shopping website, you can get all the price comparison and price changes data at your fingertips, having a great online shopping assistant to help you make informed purchase decisions.

6. My Shopping

This website helps customers search for the best products and shop by categories. It features suggestions of popular products, with details of availability and estimated shipping fees from different stores. You can also join My Shopping rewards program to save more. Similar to all the websites mentioned above, My Shopping is a helpful shopping website in Australia that helps you compare prices from hundreds of online stores, and access pricing information from both global and local brands to shop smart and make informed purchase decisions.

7. Fetchie

The Fetchie app and website are already beloved by its users. Fetchie helps online shoppers make smart purchase decision by helping users track and monitor real-time pricing information, as well as compare prices on any item from any website in Australia and around the world. You can save your favourite items to the Fetchlist and keep track of their price changes, access up-to-date price comparison to buy what you want when the price is low. This personal smart shopping assistant ensures you never miss out on a sale and always make the right purchase decisions with innovative price comparison feature.

In addition to shopping apps, these price comparison websites are available to help you save money, time, and effort in hunting for the best deals. With the power of price comparison, you can make smarter choices and informed decisions when purchasing products online.

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