‍Maximizing Your Savings: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Flybuys Rewards Program

May 12, 2023
‍Maximizing Your Savings: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Flybuys Rewards Program

Flybuys cards have become a crucial component of everyday shopping experiences. Regardless of whether you are purchasing groceries, household appliances, or stationery, it is essential to have flybuys cards with you to earn flybuys points with the money you spend at the counter. In this blog, we will explore Flybuys in more depth and how it works.

Flybuys is a loyalty program affiliated with major retailers, and partners such as Coles, Bunnings, Kmart, Officeworks, and many more. By accumulating Flybuys points, you can exchange them for various rewards, receive discounts on your next purchase, or purchase retail products from the Flybuys store.

Loyalty and reward programs similar to Flybuys have been incredibly beneficial to everyday shoppers. Flybuys provides various benefits to its members, including earning points by shopping at participating retailers and redeeming them for rewards such as flights, hotel stays, gift cards, and merchandise. Flybuys has partnerships with several companies, enabling members to earn points on various purchases. Personalised offers based on shopping history, bonus point offers, and exclusive deals are also available to Flybuys members. The Flybuys app helps members keep track of their points, view personalised offers, and access exclusive deals, ultimately providing ways for members to save money and earn Flybuys points for incredible rewards on their everyday purchases.

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The savviest shoppers in Australia are utilising their Flybuys loyalty program memberships to the fullest and gaining significant savings as they try to save as much money as they can. Flybuys 50, a collection of the most successful Flybuys points collectors in Australia, is a prime example of the advantages of optimising your rewards program.

For now, let's take a closer look at each store partnering with Flybuys and see their offers.

Coles is an Australian supermarket retailer with more than 800 stores, where you can find fresh groceries, meat, deli, pantry, and bakery products for your everyday meal. Every time you shop, you will earn one Flybuys point for every dollar spent, and you can earn more with offers sent to you. Every 2,000 Flybuys points will get you $10 off your next purchase at Coles.

Similarly, Target and Kmart are major department stores that have partnered with Flybuys to reward their customers. Shoppers can earn one Flybuys point per dollar spent and redeem 2,000 points for $10 or alternatively, 4,000 points for 20% off.

Officeworks is the place to go for office supplies, furniture, and stationery. Its Flybuys scheme works precisely like Coles. However, Flybuys points are granted after discounts and savings have been applied. Flybuys points won't be earned for purchases of specific items such as gift cards, print and copy cards, iTunes cards, mobile phone plans and recharge cards, donations, and services like product protection, furniture assembly, Print and Create services, Geeks2U services, business services, and delivery.

Bunnings Warehouse is home to DIY, garden, and hardware products. The signature of the brand are the large Bunnings Warehouses, frequently multi-level stores with a variety of products to build your dream house. Similarly, you earn one Flybuys point for each dollar spent. However, these points will be redeemed for gift cards through the Flybuys portal to be used in-store. Flybuys doesn’t apply to Marketplace products and some exclusions.

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Many more partners and retailers have introduced Flybuys reward programs to their frequent customers, such as Liquorland, Catch, NAB, and Optus. Make sure you take full advantage of Flybuys loyalty program to save money the next time you shop.

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