Don't Miss Out on These Perks If You're a Student.

July 3, 2023
Don't Miss Out on These Perks If You're a Student.

As a student, life can sometimes feel overwhelming with assignments, exams, and tight budgets. However, if you are studying in Australia and are struggling with the increasing living cost, make sure you note down these exclusive student discounts and benefits.

From discounted public transportation to deals on software, technology, entertainment, and more, there are many savings and opportunities that you can take advantage of to reduce the stress of budget and finance management in universities.

Let’s explore the various student discounts available so that you can save more money to make the most of your study experience in Australia.

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1. Public Transportation:

In many cities in Australia, students are eligible for discounted fares for public transport based on each state's rules. For example:

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT): The ACT Government provides transport concessions and discounts to students who successfully apply for the Student Transport Program. You can find details on the Transport ACT website.
  • New South Wales (NSW): Eligible tertiary students can access concessions to help with the cost of public transport. Eligibility is determined according to the NSW Tertiary Student concessions guidelines on the Transport NSW website. Different rules and discounts apply to Australian and international students.
  • Northern Territory (NT): Primary, middle, and senior school students travel free on presentation of a valid student card. University and VET students are entitled to unlimited bus travel for three hours on any scheduled public bus service at a cost of $1.00 on presentation of a valid student card. You can find more information on their discounted fares on the NT Government website.
  • Queensland: Eligible full-time university, TAFE, and post-secondary students in Queensland can apply to receive concession fares to save while travelling on public transport. Different ticket options and discounts are available for different regions in Queensland, so make sure to check their website carefully.

  • South Australia: Full-time students are entitled to concession rates and discounts on public transport. Students over 15 must carry identification cards organised through the school. You can visit their website for more details.
  • Victoria: Students of all ages are eligible to apply for a Concession or Travel Pass to save on the cost of public transportation. Australian students can apply for a Concession myki if their course and education institution are on the Register of Approved Courses in Tertiary Institutions, while international students can apply for an International Student Travel Pass to save 50% with public transport discounted fares. More details can be found on the Public Transport Victoria website.
  • Tasmania: There is a comprehensive list of concessions available for student travel in urban, urban fringe, and rural areas. Students can either apply for a concession card or receive a 20% discount on their transport fare. More information can be found on the Tasmanian Government concessions website.
  • Western Australia: Every student in Western Australia is eligible for a concession fare or a discount to save while traveling. More details can be found on the Transperth website.

2. General discounts in stores and retailers:

UniDays is a discount website that offers exclusive deals for students. Current higher education students can sign up to get discounted deals on products and services from various brands, from fashion, technology, to stationery supplies. UniDays partners with hundreds of brands that offer exclusive student discount codes. You can sign up on the UniDays website.

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3. Restaurants and cafes:

Many restaurants and cafes have their own promotional programs for students. Visit their websites or check for graphics or posters at the venues to find information about exclusive student discounts.

4. Entertainment:

There are several entertainment venues offering discounts for students. For example:

  • Events Cinema: As a Cinebuzz member with a current student card, you are entitled to standard Cinebuzz benefits plus exclusive student discounts on movie tickets at Events Cinemas. Visit the Events Cinemas support website for more information.
  • Hoyts: Student Edge members enjoy exclusive movie ticket discounts at HOYTS every Monday to Thursday, with $12.50 tickets for general sessions and $32 tickets for HOYTS LUX. Visit the Hoyts website for details.

Other entertainment sites, such as tourism destinations, parks, and theatres, may offer small student discounts if you present a valid student ID when purchasing tickets. Keep your student card handy to take advantage of these offers.

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5. Software and Technology:

  • Apple: Apple offers discounts for Australian students on products such as MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, etc. Keep an eye on the deals they advertise at the beginning of the academic year.
  • JB Hi-Fi: JB Hi-Fi is a popular electronics store in Australia that offers regular student discounts. They have a dedicated portal for students where you can find trusted products and great student discounts, including computers and tablets, IT accessories, gaming accessories, and more. Visit the JB Hi-Fi Education website for more information.

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6. Travel:

  • Student Universe: On your birthday, you can get $20 off your next international flight booking through Student Universe. Visit the Student Universe website for details.
  • OSA Student Flights: OSA offers affordable ticket prices with major student discounts, whether you want to travel for tourism or visit your family back home on vacation. Check out their offers on the OSA Student Flights website.

Besides the high-quality facilities and excellent education system, being a student in Australia also brings you a multitude of benefits and exclusive discounts that can make your student life more enjoyable and affordable.

We hope this blog will be helpful to you on your student journey. Whether it's saving on public transportation, enjoying discounted entertainment, or taking advantage of retail offers, there are plenty of opportunities to enhance your study experience while being mindful of your budget, all thanks to exclusive student discounts and benefits.

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