The Best Shopping Loyalty Programs in the United States for Exclusive Rewards

August 20, 2023
The Best Shopping Loyalty Programs in the United States for Exclusive Rewards

Nowadays, loyalty programs have become an integral part of the consumer experience. These programs not only reward frequent shoppers but also offer a range of exclusive benefits that can significantly improve customer’s shopping journey.

Therefore, we've curated a comprehensive list of the best shopping loyalty programs in the US that are designed to elevate your shopping game.

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Retailers and Department stores

Best Buy

The rewards program offered by Best Buy is known as My Best Buy. This program grants shoppers access to exclusive offers available only to members. Membership tiers are determined by the annual amount spent by a shopper.

You can accumulate points based on the amount spent on qualifying items both in physical stores and on the web. Additionally, you gain complimentary shipping, and other advantages like early and exclusive access to discounts and deals, free in-home consultations, and an annual birthday gift

Upon enrolling in the My Best Buy rewards program, you'll earn 1% back in rewards (equivalent to 0.5 points per $1 spent) for each dollar you expend. In the case of utilising a Best Buy credit card, your rewards increase to 5% back in points. With 250 points, you'll be granted a $5 reward certificate. Additionally, exclusive entry to offers restricted to members will be at your disposal, allowing for supplementary savings.


Enrolment in the JCPenney Rewards program comes at no cost. Upon joining, you'll receive a 30% discount on your initial purchase, and you'll get one point for every $2 spent on eligible JCPenney transactions.

When using a JCPenney credit card, you'll obtain one point for every $1 expended on qualifying JCPenney acquisitions, effectively doubling your points accumulation rate. You can acquire a $10 discount reward certificate for every 200 points earned. Additionally, members can anticipate various other offers, bonus points, and perks of a similar nature throughout the year.


By enrolling in the Target Circle rewards program, you will secure 1% cashback for future redemption. Moreover, you will receive a 5% discount on birthday purchases, along with exclusive discounts tailored for members.

Obtaining the Target RedCard credit card will grant you a 5% savings on your purchases.


Upon enrolling in Kohl's rewards program, every purchase you make will earn you 5% in Kohl's Rewards. The system keeps tabs on this and notifies you whenever your Kohl's Cash reaches $5, which you can use for future spending. A Kohl's Cash coupon, valid for 30 days, will be issued on the first day of the subsequent month.

Irrespective of whether you're a member of Kohl's Rewards, spending $50 will still earn you $10 in Kohl's Cash, which can be redeemed during specific timeframes. The rewards program might present challenges in terms of date tracking, yet adhering to it can result in substantial savings.


Nordstrom's Nordy Club offers customers the opportunity to accumulate a distinct in-app currency referred to as "Notes" through their purchases. Alongside their points-driven structure, members of the Nordy Club gain access to a variety of exclusive and value-enhancing advantages, such as complimentary basic alterations, the ability to choose double point days, priority access to shopping, engaging lifestyle workshops, and personalized visits from Nordstrom stylists.

Office Depot

Office Depot loyalty program is an obvious choice for dedicated and returning customers. Participants receive a 2% rewards rate on a range of products by providing product feedback through online reviews (with a monthly limit of 3 reviews), and responsibly recycling ink cartridge with a purchase of $10 or more (up to 10 cartridges per month)

The program's second tier, labelled VIP, elevates the rewards further. With an annual expenditure of $500 or more, customers are entitled to a 5% rewards rate on specific purchases, accompanied by an array of personalized VIP benefits, including birthday discounts.

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Food and beverage

Burger King

At Burger King, you will receive 10 crowns for every dollar you spend. These crowns can later be exchanged for any item from the menu.

In the month of your birthday, your crowns earned from eligible transactions will be doubled. Being a member also grants you the benefit of complimentary upsising. This means you can request a small fry or drink and receive a medium size instead.


MyMcDonald's Rewards members will earn 100 points for each dollar spent at McDonald's, which can subsequently be redeemed for complimentary food items. For instance, a hash brown requires 2,000 points, a cheeseburger demands 4,000 points, and a Big Mac necessitates 10,000 points.

It's important to mention that the rewards program can exclusively be joined through the McDonald's app. Upon signing up, you will receive a complimentary large order of French fries. Following your initial purchase, an additional 1,500 bonus points will be credited to your account.

Pizza Hut

If you join Pizza Hut's rewards program, you'll earn two points for every $1 you spend. These points can be utilized to acquire complimentary food items. Upon amassing 75 points, you can redeem them for breadsticks. Reaching 125 points will allow you to have eight boneless wings, while a large pizza will require 300 points. Moreover, joining the rewards program grants you access to exclusive offers and discounts.


Frequent customers of Starbucks have the option to set up an account through the website, app, or directly in the store. Each transaction adds to your collection of "stars." For every dollar spent, you will earn one star. If you use the Starbucks digital app, this increases to two stars per dollar, and if you make payments using a Starbucks credit card, you'll receive three stars for every dollar spent.

These stars can be exchanged for rewards like beverages and food items. Additionally, there are designated "double star days," where you have the opportunity to earn twice the usual amount of stars on nearly all items available in the store.


Through Wendy’s Loyalty Program, you gain 10 points for each dollar you spend at the store. This system can bring immense benefits for frequent customers. For example, having 150 points (equivalent to a $15 expenditure) will qualify you for a small Frosty or a set of four chicken nuggets. Upon reaching 450 points (achieved after spending $45), you'll be entitled to a Dave’s Single burger.

To become a member, you can either download the Wendy's app or establish a MyWendy's account online via the official Wendy's website.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins' loyalty program offers rewards that are effective and immediate. The moment customers join in the program, Baskin Robbins will treat them to a scoop of their ice cream. Subsequently, customers accumulate points with every purchase they make, which can be exchanged for free ice creams, shakes, and other treats.

Members of the loyalty program can conveniently access the latest flavours through their smartphones, and they can even design their desired combinations using customisable ice cream cakes, which can be ordered directly through the app. The points remain valid for a year, and all that's required for customers to register is a mobile number.

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Beauty and Health


CVS introduces a loyalty program known as ExtraCare, from which you'll receive ExtraBucks Rewards. When joining, you'll receive an ExtraCare card with a scannable barcode. This card can be presented at the register, or you can opt to create a scannable ExtraCare "card" within the CVS app.

Whenever you make a purchase using this card, you'll earn a 2% rebate on every transaction (with certain exclusions such as alcohol, lottery, prescriptions, and money orders). Additionally, you'll receive ExtraBucks Rewards for specific items, which can be used to reduce your overall CVS spending. By engaging in activities like filling prescriptions and receiving vaccinations, you can even amass up to $50 worth of Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards.

However, it's important to note that the 2% cash back doesn't occur instantly at the register. Instead, the funds are credited back to your card. Thus, when shopping at CVS, remember to use your ExtraCare card or the app to access these savings.


When joining Sephora's Beauty Insider Program, for each dollar spent on Sephora products either online or in physical stores, you will receive 1 Beauty Insider point. The accrued points can then be exchanged for rewards. The Beauty Insider Program comprises three tiers: Insiders, VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider), and Rouge.

All three tiers earn the same amount of points per dollar spent. However, if you're a VIB or Rouge member, you'll enjoy more substantial discounts and potentially lower minimum thresholds, or even no minimum requirement, to qualify for complimentary shipping on online orders. To attain VIB status, you need to spend $350 on Sephora items within a calendar year, while becoming a Rouge member necessitates spending $1,000 within the same timeframe.


With the myWalgreens rewards program, you will earn 1% Walgreens Cash on your spending, even when paying for prescriptions. Additionally, purchasing Walgreens-branded items will grant you 5% Walgreens Cash back. Whether you opt for either method, the accumulated cash back can be used during checkout, resulting in a reduced total bill.

Moreover, there are additional advantages. If you're using the curbside service to collect your purchase from Walgreens, as a myWalgreens member, your order will be prepared for you within just 30 minutes.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond runs a fee-based loyalty program aimed at recognising and retaining their most active customers. By paying an annual fee of $20, members will earn 5 points (5%) for every $1 on every purchase. Signed up customers also get free returns for in-store credit on all eligible products, price match guarantee and double rewards for reviews.

Bath & Body Works

My Bath & Body Works serves as a no-cost customer loyalty program in which shoppers can earn points both in physical stores and online to redeem items valued up to $16.50. These points are acquired by earning credit for every eligible dollar spent on purchases.

Participants might also receive occasional exclusive offers. Customers can enroll through in-store sign-up, online registration, or via the Bath & Body Works app.

Pet Store


By signing up for Petco Vital Care Membership, you’ll get one point for every dollar you spend at Petco. After you earn 100 points, you’ll get a $5 reward. There are other opportunities to earn rewards, including a free birthday gift for your pet.


PetSmart's loyalty program presents an additional avenue to express this affection towards pets, regardless of their size or type.

For PetSmart Treats members, a delightful surprise awaits on their pet's birthday. Additionally, they can earn points by making purchases and using services like grooming, training, and even contributing to PetSmart Charities.

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Recreational retailers and services


REI's customer loyalty program presents appealing rewards and advantages in exchange for a compelling one-time payment. For a $30 fee, REI grants members lifelong access to exclusive early-launch assortments, complimentary standard shipping, fixed reductions on rental and repair amenities, an extra discount (distributed annually as a dividend), and numerous additional perks. With such a comprehensive range of benefits, it's no wonder that REI's loyalty program has attracted over 20 million members.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods' loyalty program provides customers with opportunities to earn points for each dollar spent, leading to valuable rewards. Members can earn one point for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases, or two points per $1 when using a Dick’s Sporting Goods charge card (also known as ScoreRewards credit card). ScoreCard Gold members secure three points per $1 on any single day of the year they select. 300 points equate to a $10 reward, redeemable at Dick’s.

ScoreCard holders also gain access to exclusive offers, expedited online checkout, and are the first to be informed about new merchandise and equipment. You can easily establish a ScoreCard account online or inquire with the in-store sales representative.


The GameStop Pro Rewards Program offers you $5 monthly pro reward. Furthermore, upon signing up, you'll receive a $10 welcome reward and $5 renewal Reward that can be used during your next shopping experience.

For those who frequently visit GameStop, there's an option to consider: enrolling in GameStop's Powerup Rewards Pro for either $14.99 or $19.99. Under this program, you will receive a digital subscription to Game Informer magazine (or a print subscription if you opt for the $19.99 plan). Moreover, you'll garner 20 GameStop rewards points for each dollar you spend at GameStop. Additionally, you'll benefit from monthly reward certificates valued at $5, applicable toward GameStop merchandise. Exclusive early access to items like new gaming consoles, graphic cards, and collectibles is also part of this package.

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From earning points for freebies to gaining early access to new collections and receiving personalised discounts, these shopping loyalty programs bring an extra layer of excitement to your purchases. Whether you're a seasoned shopper or someone just starting to explore loyalty programs, the opportunities for saving and enjoying perks are boundless.

So, the next time you're ready to shop, remember to consider these loyalty programs that can transform your shopping journey into a truly rewarding experience.

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