The Story Of Fetchie

August 3, 2023
The Story Of Fetchie

Fetchie is not our furry friend but our canny shopping companion

My name is Joseph, and this is the story of Fetchie - your personal, smart shopping app. The story goes back to a day in COVID-imposed lockdown in 2021.

It all started on a quarrantine night in 2021 when my wife, Nivya, and I were all hyped about decorating and sprucing up our new home.

We stumbled upon the perfect vacuum on Dyson that promised to make cleaning a breeze. Like everyone else, we browsed hundreds of websites, from eBay to Amazon, AppliancesOnline to Harvey Norman. Hours flew by, and we felt like we were doing a research project for the university. Time to hand in our paper, you know?

That night, we decided to buy the vacuum and were so excited about the deal we got. But the next afternoon rolled around, and guess what? Luck was not on our side. The price dropped out of nowhere! It slipped right through my fingertips, and I lost the chance to save a cool $159.

Nivya chimed in, saying, "If only we knew..." We regretted our buying decision and wished we had some psychic powers to predict the future. Imagine never buying anything too early or too late!

But hey, since we're stuck in the 21st century, our only magic is in technology and innovations.

And that's when it hit us: We should have known better! I mean, come on, we all should have known! Someone once told me that if you want to predict the future, you should study the past, gather info, analyse trends, and then make a well-informed guess (fingers crossed, you're not dead wrong).

We brainstormed the idea, interviewed friends and family, and checked the technical feasibility for an entire year.

Once we knew this would help the vast community fight inflation, we got down to business and started developing this game-changing tool - Fetchie, the all-in-one personal shopping app!

It is our ticket to saving money and precious time. After about six months of hard work, we finally launched this shopping app called Fetchie in February 2023, helping everyone on the internet keep track of any product, price, and website!

I can't even describe our excitement when we saw those line graphs dancing up and down, showing the price changes within the app. Who needs anything else when you've got the price history right before you? Maybe Fetchie can tell me the perfect time to hit that "Buy" button!

What's more? Do you want to say goodbye to wasting time browsing the internet to find the best price?

Or imagine you're at the store, loaded with shopping bags—nobody has time to browse the web to compare prices! Or what if you want to know what your neighbours are eyeing so you don't miss out on sweet deals at the local shops?

Fetchie has got your back. This smart shopping app sends you price drop alerts, compares prices, scans barcodes for better deals, and keeps you updated on the hottest trending products in your community.

Fetchie is not only a must-have shopping app for savvy shoppers, it is also a full-fledge crowd-sourced e-commerce marketplace that we hope one day will be the top shopping website in the world.

So, you see, Fetchie has become our shopping sidekick, and we proudly recommend this shopping app to anyone who loves saving money and enjoys the thrill of shopping. It's changed the game, helping people worldwide shop smarter and save more.

Nivya and I still wish we had met Fetchie sooner.

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