Top YouTubers for Expert Advice to Improve Your Personal Finance

July 20, 2023
Top YouTubers for Expert Advice to Improve Your Personal Finance

In today's digital age, YouTube has been an invaluable source offering a vast array of content on every topic. When it comes to personal finance, there are numerous YouTubers who are experts in their field and provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help you save money and achieve better financial health.

If you already follow the big names like:

then don’t hesitate to check out these channels for more insights and in-depth perspective on the world of money, personal finance and wealth.

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The Graham Stephan Show:

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent and investor who has been incredibly successful in the industry. He created this channel to discuss money, business, and finance related topics. On this Youtube channel, you can find random topics, with different content from educational to entertaining, discussion and reactions to certain facts. If you also aspire to work in real estate, make sure to check out his other channel – Graham Stephan

Pennies Not Perfection:

As the saying goes “Getting better with money without being perfect”, no one is ever perfect with their money, and so is Mary – the owner of Pennis Not Perfection. She creates this YouTube channel to share her own experience, helping others learn from their mistakes. This YouTube is a perfect resource for beginner, as you can find content about budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, investing, home ownership, financial apps. All is at basic level of the journey towards a better personal finance and super easy to understand.

Wealth Hacker – Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is here to help you make "cents" of your financial life. His content covers all the frequently asked questions from investing, passive income, life insurance, and how to make more money, as well as to save money. Get ready to hack your way to wealth growth, financial freedom, increase your income, and improve your personal finance through actionable insights and practical strategies.

Our Freedom Years

This one is a jam to all the early retirees, as the host of the show Stephanie and Gillian has left their corporate life after years of saving money and budgeting, to live the dream of their lives – travelling and enjoying the utmost financial freedom. You can find inspirational tips and advice, the truth of life on the road, the cost it takes to be free and be at everywhere, the adventures and how they get by everyday without relying on one stable job.

Debt Free Millennials

This is your debt free millennial guide, created by Justine, who paid off $35,000 in student loan debt on a $37,000 income in 2.5 years. Now she is thrilled to pass on all the steps, information and knowledge with her engaging content and creativity to anyone who is trying to get out of debts. Let’s learn the master way of controlling your spending, budgeting paying off student loans, and conquering your financial goals with a better personal finance approach.

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Andrei Jikh

Andrei Jikh focuses on personal finance, investing, and credit card strategies and a whole wide range of other topics. He offers in-depth explanations of various financial concepts and provides guidance on building wealth and achieving financial independence. Many of his videos’ content tackle the bigger financial issues in life, guiding you through the important decisions like how much from your income you should save, how to improve your personal finance, setting goals, securing your money, buying home and retiring.

Nick True – MappedOutMoney

Explore an interesting view on personal finance of a man who is spending most of the time with his wife and 4 pets while travelling the States. Nick True will discuss with you in details about strategies for spending wisely and managing your budget to achieve financial goals. A big part of the his content will focus on the fundamental steps to set your financial journey for a bright beginning, starting from your attitudes to money, an affordable lifestyle and conscious decisions in handling your money and personal budget.

Nate O’Brien

Productivity, Minimalism, and Personal Finance are three content pillars on Nate’s YouTube Channel. Besides knowledge and advice on investing, budgeting, and finance, you will find some useful tips to improve your overall lifestyle and adopt a positive mindset in progressing your career and personal growth. The vision of Nate is to help you in every possible way to increase your income and achieve financial success.

Ask Sebby

Discover everything you need to know about credit cards from Sebby. With his comprehensive explanation in every video, you can rest assured that he has got you covered. He shares insights on the best credit cards available today with their benefits. You'll also find helpful tips to maximize your savings, optimisie your personal finance plan, avoid common mistakes, and stay updated on recent changes in the credit card landscape. Additionally, Sebby provides useful comparisons to help you find the perfect cards for various purposes such as investing, traveling, and saving.

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Whether you're looking to save money, invest wisely, or manage your personal finance better in the future, following the right YouTubers can make a significant difference. So, take advantage of this dynamic platform, and start finding the best channels that align with your values, lifestyle, and enjoy the amazing content they have to offer for a great personal finance journey.

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