Compare Australia's Top Supermarkets to Find Your Best Grocery Shopping Destination.

August 6, 2023
Compare Australia's Top Supermarkets to Find Your Best Grocery Shopping Destination.

When it comes to grocery shopping in Australia, there is no shortage of options. From large retail chains to local stores, Aussies have access to a variety of supermarkets catering to their diverse needs.

In this blog, we will compare the top supermarkets in Australia, focusing on their unique features, offerings, and overall shopping experiences. Let's get ready for your next grocery shopping by finding out the best options for specific needs.


Woolworths is one of Australia's most well-known and widely accessible supermarket chains. With a wide range of products, competitive prices, and numerous store locations, it has become a go-to option for many shoppers getting their groceries shopping done everyday. As the owner of the iconic “The Fresh Food People”, Woolworths offer customers a variety of fresh produce, groceries, household essentials, and even health and beauty products, all under one roof.

Woolworths emphasizes convenience with its user-friendly mobile app, online shopping services, and a popular loyalty program called Everyday Rewards. It’s free to join and you can collect at least 1 point for every dollar spent. With every 2000 Everyday Rewards points, you can choose to get $10 off a future shop or convert to 1000 Qantas Points.


Coles is another major player in the Australian supermarket scene, offering a similar range of products as Woolworths. Coles places a strong emphasis on quality and value. Shoppers appreciate Coles' weekly specials, which help them save on their grocery shopping bills. According to a report from 9NEWS, in a report that compared 44 everyday items available at both supermarkets, Coles offered slightly lower prices compared to Woolworths.

Similar to its competitor, Coles also provides online shopping services and partners with loyalty program called Flybuys. You can collect points on every dollar you spend at Coles and redeem points for Flybuys dollars to spend in-store.


Aldi is the third preferred option for grocery shopping in the country and it is renowned for its no-frills approach and private-label products. Unlike other supermarkets, Aldi supermarket chain operates on a smaller scale, offering a limited selection of items that are rotated regularly. This model allows them to keep costs down, resulting in generally lower prices. Aldi has gained popularity for its exclusive range of imported European products, making it a favourite among bargain hunters.

Even though Aldi does not offer a loyalty reward program, the brand is still a go-to choice among Australians for offering more affordable options for the same products.


Independent Grocers of Australia, commonly known as IGA, comprises a network of independent supermarkets operating under various owners. As the name suggests, each IGA store may differ slightly in terms of offerings and prices, depending on its location and owner's choices. IGA stores often cater to the local community's needs, providing personalised services and supporting local suppliers in delivering their customers the best grocery shopping experience.

If you join IGA Rewards, you can get exclusive member offers such as special deals everyday and exciting travel deals, Automatic entry into prize draws at your IGA, and personalised offers emailed weekly.

However, the IGA loyalty card is not available in every store as only 20% of IGA stores participate in the loyalty program. Therefore, it’s important to check their list of participating stores so you will know where to shop with a IGA card.


Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that offers bulk-buying opportunities to its members. While not a traditional supermarket, Costco provides an extensive range of products, including groceries, electronics, and household items. The bulk packaging allows shoppers to save money on products they use frequently, especially those under grocery shopping lists. Though there is an annual membership fee, the potential savings can make it worthwhile for larger families or businesses.

Executive Members at Costco can receive an annual 2% reward of up to $1000 on qualified Costco purchases that can be redeemed in-warehouse Australia-wide.

Besides exclusive offers, discounts and unique benefits on Costco service, 2% reward is considered a valuable savings source for frequent customers at Costco.


Drakes Supermarkets is a South Australian family-owned supermarket chain with a focus on quality and customer service. It now operates over 60 stores across South Australia and Queensland, offering a unique grocery shopping experience with pleasing store layouts and an undeniably customer-focused team. While it may not have the same national presence as Woolworths or Coles, Drakes has garnered a loyal following in the regions it serves. The supermarket chain is known for its fresh produce, locally sourced products, and regular promotions that appeal to budget-conscious shoppers.

To keep up with its big competitor, Drakes also loyalty program and rewards app. myDrakes App is designed to make shopping at Drakes more rewarding! Customers can earn money for their Community Group with Drakes Community Dollars and enjoy other exclusive benefits.

Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets, with its 26 (and growing) supermarkets across New South Wales, prides itself on being a 100% family-owned business for more than half a century. The core values of Harris Farm Markets revolve around family and nature, reflecting in their commitment to sourcing better-tasting produce from sustainable suppliers to enhance customers' grocery shopping selections. This dedication to quality stems from years of devoted experience and positive relationships with farmers.

Being known as the leading independent fresh food grocery store in Australia, Harris Farm Markets focuses on providing exclusive discounts to loyal customers through its Friend of the Farm loyalty program

Friendly Grocer

Originally from New Zealand, this modest-sized supermarket chain has expanded to encompass more than 450 locations throughout Australia. The Friendly Grocer adopts a corner convenience store approach, prioritising quality over quantity. They entered into a partnership with Metcash (IGA distribution) to provide IGA brands across all of their Australian stores. The Friendly Grocer prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, positioning itself as the friendly and local supermarket just around the corner, giving customers a great time doing their grocery shopping. If you appreciate a super friendly shopping environment, this is the place to shop.


FoodWorks operates an extensive network of more than 700 supermarket stores spread across seven states. Some of these stores are independently owned, while others fall under the ownership of the larger Australian United Retailers Limited retail group. The locally owned supermarkets place significant emphasis on procuring high-quality produce that aligns with the specific needs of their communities. As a result, customers may discover a diverse array of options in a Foodworks store located just a few suburbs away for an easy and convenient grocery shopping experience.

Additionally, Foodworks provides a reward program alongside its personalised, community-oriented, and in-store shopping experience.


Foodland, a South Australian supermarket chain, takes great pride in highlighting an extensive selection of locally sourced products. It serves as a convenient destination for both familiar and innovative local culinary delights. Additionally, Foodland has its own branded range, collaborating with over 200 local manufacturers to offer a diverse array of products. If you value supporting local businesses and appreciate widespread catalogue savings, Foodland is the ideal grocery shopping destination for you.

While Foodland does not have a loyalty program, it distinguishes itself through competitive pricing and frequent exclusive deals.

Australia's supermarket landscape offers a plethora of choices, catering to various shopping preferences and budgets.

Next time you head out to buy groceries, consider these options, and choose the Australian supermarket that best aligns with your needs and values.

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