A Complete List of The Best Money-Saving Shopping Tools in the US

August 20, 2023
 A Complete List of The Best Money-Saving Shopping Tools in the US

In a world where online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, finding ways to save money while making purchases is extremely important. Fortunately, there's a plethora of innovative shopping tools available that cater to the US shoppers.

From virtual assistants that compare prices to apps that unearth the best deals, we've compiled a list of the most effective tools to help you save big on your online purchases.



Klarna has been growing fast over the last decade, surpassing the expansion of global e-commerce because of the increasing trend of shifting away from reliance on credit cards.

In a quick overview, Klarna operates on a “buy now, pay later” model where customers can make purchases both in physical stores and online. This approach gained immense popularity in the United States and other countries, primarily due to its attractive feature of not charging any interest. In contrast to similar services, most alternatives require users to pay an interest rate for utilising the service.

Klarna's system allows buyers to split their payments into four equal parts, to be paid every two weeks. To illustrate, if a product costs $400, you'd initially pay $100 during checkout. The remaining balance of $300 would be divided into three instalments of $100 each, charged every two weeks until the total amount is settled. The platform does not incur interest, but a penalty is imposed for payments more than 10 days overdue.

For individuals seeking assistance with essential expenses, this platform proves to be a valuable tool. Its emphasis on being interest-free reinforces Klarna's commitment to promoting financial well-being. Diverging from its competitors such as Afterpay, Klarna provides the flexibility to choose various financing options, including paying in 30 days or over a six-month period. This innovative feature enables customers to make a comprehensive purchase, return unwanted items, and only pay for what they decide to keep.

Furthermore, due to the trend of moving away from credit cards, certain groups are embracing the Klarna Card as an alternative. Although it lacks the same perks or credit benefits, the Klarna Card offers an initial year without any annual fee, followed by a monthly fee of $3.99.



Honey serves as a browser extension that automatically searches for the most favourable deals and discounts applicable to the items you are currently browsing online.

Honey has the amazing capability to perform all the necessary tasks on your behalf, right up until the moment you're ready to finalise your purchase. During the checkout process, Honey takes on the responsibility of scouring the internet to uncover any available discount codes or promotional offers, ensuring a seamless and effortless money-saving experience.

As per the website's information, the average yearly savings for an individual amount to $126. This figure truly appears to be an incredible bargain. The platform provides a variety of avenues through which its users can save more, encompassing features such as the savings finder, Honey gold, price tracking, Honey droplist, Honey on Amazon, and the Honey mobile app.

Simple action of adding Honey as an extension to your web browser will enable it to locate the finest deals for you.

Through Honey Gold, their loyalty program, users have the opportunity to claim gift cards from popular retail establishments like Amazon. Each purchase made through one of the affiliated retailers results in the accumulation of points. Upon reaching 1000 points, equivalent to a $10 gift card, these points can be redeemed.

The price tracker feature empowers users to access historical price data for items available at major retailers including Target and Amazon. This tool can be harnessed strategically to predict potential price fluctuations based on past patterns, thus providing users with an advantageous edge.

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If you're an avid Amazon shopper, CamelCamelCamel is here to become your shopping companion.

CamelCamelCamel functions as an Amazon price tracking application, meticulously evaluating prices of items offered by different sellers on the platform, all with the aim of discovering the most exceptional deals for you. CamelCamelCamel's database relies on keywords input by users, and approximately 6 million Amazon products are actively monitored by the team at Camel. Given the frequent fluctuations in Amazon's prices, the website ensures full transparency in its approach to pricing insights.

When utilising CamelCamelCamel, you have the option to explore their Amazon inventory for generic items you're seeking, or you can conveniently access the most significant recent price reductions displayed at the top of the screen. If you have a specific Amazon item to find, simply paste the product's URL into the site, and CamelCamelCamel will work its magic.

An additional noteworthy feature of this platform is its presentation of price history graphs pertaining to your searched product, offering customers more insights into the pricing details of the products. While the site indeed presents the current lowest price, the historical data can be harnessed to predict potential further price drops, allowing you to patiently wait for that opportune moment.



Pricescout automatically checks for reduced prices and money-saving coupons while you're engaged in shopping. Once you've installed the Pricescout browser extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can proceed with your shopping as you normally would. Pricescout will help you save money through automatic price comparison. While you’re browsing a product online, it seamlessly scans through more than 21,000 stores to identify any lower prices. It then promptly informs you about the store offering the lowest price for the specific item you're examining.

If the process of searching for coupons online has become tedious, Pricescout's automated coupon notifications alleviate this burden. Without leaving the shopping site you're on, Pricescout alerts you to applicable money-saving coupons. These coupons are reviewed by the platform's editors, streamlining the process and ensuring you receive valid savings without spending time on expired codes. This enables you to shop with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you've secured the most favorable deal possible.

The duration of the search process may vary depending on the availability of alternative offers and the complexity of product details. This span can range from a few milliseconds to several seconds.

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Slickdeals stands as a community of reviewers and shoppers who use the platform to exchange their finest bargains. The website boasts high activity levels, with over 10 million users per month actively seeking out coupons, discounts, and the most competitive prices for an extensive array of items. The site's inventory encompasses a plethora of products, including but not limited to: groceries, credit card offers, travel packages, applications, gift cards, movie tickets, entertainment offerings, tech gadgets, electronics, home furnishings, clothing, streaming service subscriptions, makeup, health, and beauty products.

Given thousands of members sharing exceptional deals across diverse categories, the  of information can swiftly become overwhelming. Prime deals might briefly appear on the website feed before being overtaken by a deluge of other offers.

Because of an abundance of information coming from thousands of members, community participants have the ability to vote in favour of their preferred deals, thereby increasing the visibility of the most popular and relevant ones. Slickdeals employs a team of deal curators who closely monitor the reception of specific coupons and promotions based on vote counts, subsequently showcasing them on the Slickdeals Frontpage.

For individuals on a budget who are shopping for items such as electronics, groceries, automotive supplies, or travel arrangements, it's advisable to visit the Slickdeals Frontpage daily to access the best online discounts.

Slickdeals is available to customers free of charge. You might be curious about how the company generates revenue without charging for its services. The platform earns affiliate commissions from stores and businesses to which it refers customers or members who subsequently make purchases based on Slickdeals recommendations.


ShopSavvy is a shopping app equipped with a built-in barcode and QR scanner, ideal for utilization during your shopping journeys. Effortlessly scan the item of your interest, and the app will promptly present you with information on where the same product is available at the most competitive price in different stores.

In cases where an item lacks a barcode, there's no need for concern. You can manually put in product details and initiate a search. It's worth noting that alternative results might surface in such instances.

Adding to its benefits, the app offers a feature that enables you to curate a list of "favourites" comprising discounted items. This list can then be conveniently shared with friends and family, proving particularly advantageous during occasions like Christmas when affordable gift-giving is a priority.

ShopSavvy also offers insights into trending products through its Featured List and Popular Product pages, providing a glimpse into the current interests of other shoppers.

Although the concept of barcode scanning and discounts isn't novel, ShopSavvy distinguishes itself by delivering an interface that is both user-friendly and straightforward. Moreover, it manages to offer slightly more than other apps available in the market. If you frequently embark on shopping trips, this app stands as an ideal companion for your efforts.

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Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Amazon Assistant for Chrome is a browser extension that brings forth an exciting new capability! Not only does it assist in uncovering optimal products and deals on Amazon, but it can also become your personal shopping expert, prepared to address any pressing queries you might have about any product!

Should you come across an item on Amazon that intrigues you but leaves you uncertain if it suits your needs? Rest assured! With the guidance of AI-powered assistant, you can inquire about any facet of the product, and it will provide you with all the pertinent details, whether it’s about the product's features or the sizing. You can consider it an informative friend who possesses knowledge about every single item on Amazon.

Say goodbye to the days of guesswork and self-doubt. Amazon Assistant feature is at your service to elevate your shopping experience to newfound levels of smoothness. And the most wonderful aspect is that Amazon Assistant doesn't require technological prowess; it's intuitively designed for all online shoppers.

Hence, if you're seeking shopping simplicity, Amazon Assistant for Chrome emerges as your ultimate shopping ally! It delivers the deals, the convenience, and now, the capacity to resolve all your product-related doubts.



Offers.com is a useful website with only one goal: to create one ultimate savings destination to save you time and money each and every day.

As per their definition, an "offer" encompasses a wide array of coupons, promo codes, product bargains, and sales opportunities. The platform affirms its commitment to curating the most recent online deals, sourced from an extensive pool of over 9,500 distinct stores and brands. This endeavour typically yields an excess of 100,000 available offers spanning every conceivable category, all hosted on their website.

Moreover, what’s even more important than the offers is their unwavering commitment to ensuring that no deal is published on their platform without undergoing thorough verification by team members to ensure it actually works. Offers.com  has a team of over 60 people, having access to cutting-edge technology, all dedicated to sifting through expired offers and invalid codes. Notably, this service comes at no cost to users who visit their website to explore the available array of deals and promotions. Upon clicking a deal and deciding to proceed with the purchase, the "Get Deal" link redirects you from their site to the retailer's website, where the product is sold and the deal is being offered.


Fetchie is a personal smart shopping assistant app that can help you track price drop of any item on any website, automatically compare prices, send you sales notifications, scan barcode to find better prices when shopping in-store, and bring you trending deals and products in your local areas. Fetchie has the capability to search the Internet to provide you with real time pricing information and promotional offers across a wide range of products, encompassing essentials, technology, groceries, and much more.

This app was created to help savvy shoppers save time and effort looking for the best deals on the Internet, by doing all the heavy lifting in the background, powered by crowd-source technology and machine learning. The app operates on a freemium subscription model, so you can start exploring and using Fetchie for free. Simply head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app and set up an account using your email.  

Besides from your email for login purpose, Fetchie doesn’t collect your personal data. With customers needs and privacy at the core of their service, the team behind Fetchie is committed to providing an ideal, seamless shopping journey for users by showing them relevant deals and only the products they look for.

Whenever you come across an online item that captivates you, however, you are not ready to pay the full price, simply share the product URL with Fetchie. It will monitor the item and promptly dispatch push notifications to your phone whenever there's a price drop. When you're prepared to make a purchase, simply press the "Buy Now" option, which will seamlessly lead you to the retailer's website, allowing you to make a direct purchase.

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Flipp is a clever application that streamlines the process of planning shopping trips around weekly advertisements and available coupons. For individuals who strategize their shopping based on these factors, Flipp proves to be a time-saving asset.

The flyers you access via the Flipp app mirror those featured in local newspapers, yet you can swiftly navigate through them using a simple finger swipe. The ability to search by store name or specific product is at your disposal, and you can digitally "clip" the deals you wish to retain. For preferred shopping locations, you have the option to configure the app to automatically provide new flyers from those spots. Flipp empowers you to construct a personalised shopping list, effectively organising your requirements and pinpointing the most affordable sources. The "Discount Finder" feature helps you in targeting the optimal deals, with the app handling the price comparisons on your behalf.

It's noteworthy that setting up a personal account or registering on the website is not obligatory for downloading and using Flipp. Tailored specifically for consumer use, Flipp is centered around the principle of offering choices. It's an irresistible tool for those who relish hunting for the latest deals and constantly saving.


Google Shopping

Google's shopping tool offers a savvy way for consumers to save and buy their favourite products. The revamped Google Shopping interface enables the monitoring of prices on targeted purchase items. While Google has long been tracking flight prices for potential vacation plans, it now extends its capability to encompass the tracking of prices for individual products that pique your interest.

The service is free, granting the ability to oversee prices of any product from internet URLs. Simply insert the URL link, or conveniently utilise the share button to transmit it to the app. You have the flexibility to establish lists for overseeing everyday essentials or products you intend to purchase "when they go on sale." The user-friendly app facilitates swift navigation to retailer links for seamless purchasing, sparing you the effort of scouring the retail website.

The procedure for tracking prices using Google Shopping starts with navigating

  • Google or Google Shopping and type in your desired item in the search field.
  • Then click the bookmark icon at the upper right corner of the image, as a result, the item will be added to the "Products that I like" folder.
  • At the top left of the page, you'll notice a blue bookmark labelled "Products that I like – Go to collection."
  • Your list of saved items will be displayed, and by selecting the Bell icon, you can opt to receive notifications for price drops on the chosen item.
  • Now, all that remains is to lean back and await the email notification of a price drop



Keepa proves highly advantageous for Amazon sellers as it facilitates the access to product sales data. This information is equally beneficial for Amazon buyers seeking excellent deals. This utility is available as a browser extension, compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Google.

Keepa empowers you to collect and assess data, including rank and price history of Amazon products. This insight allows you to ascertain whether an item's price is above or below the usual range. With such features, you can make well-informed decisions when engaged in online selling on Amazon. Keepa's functionalities also provide insights into the performance of items, highlighting their popularity or lack thereof.

You can view Amazon sales item details depicted in Keepa's graph or chart format. The presentation of data is generally user-friendly, particularly for those acquainted with chart interpretation. Impressively, this tool encompasses a vast inventory of over 800 million items, and this figure is consistently expanding.

Although the new premium version comes with certain restrictions unless you opt for the premium subscription, it still offers a substantial array of features and benefits.

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As the digital shopping landscape continues to evolve, these top-notch shopping tools are your secret weapons in the quest to save money while still enjoying the thrill of retail therapy. From real-time price tracking to automatic coupon notifications, these tools empower you to make well-informed choices and secure the best deals, ensuring that your hard-earned dollars go further.

Embrace these tools and watch as your shopping experiences become not only budget-friendly but also more rewarding than ever before.

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